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 Associations  Heat Pumps
 Humidity Control  Instrumentation and Controls
 Radiant Heating  Wholesale and Distribution -- Below wholesale prices on everything dealing with airconditioning, heating and refrigeration. Sales to the public as well as contractors.
 A Cool Flame Heating and Air, Inc. -- Product and service information.
 A to Z Sales -- Manufacturers representitive for the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, insulation, and refrigeration industries.
 A/S Dantherm -- Manufacturer and supplier of stationary and mobile heating, cooling and drying systems e.g. dehumidifiers, ventilation units, heaters and air conditioning.
 AB Carl Munters -- Manufacture and supply dehumidification systems (desiccant), evaporative cooling systems, humidifiers and provide moisture control services.
 AC Doctor -- Find air conditioning heating contractors in your local area.
 Advance Ventilation -- Manufacturer and supplier of industrial fans , environment control systems , dust and fume extraction systems.
 AEX -- Manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and institutional air to air energy recovery systems.
 AimAir -- AimAir is a family of modular components used as building block to create a high quality, pre-engineered indoor firing range ventilation system.
 Air Conditioning Excellence -- Service all brands of AC units, including service, installation, and duct work jobs. Located in Hollywood, FL.
 Air Monitor Corporation -- Manufacturer of pressure and airflow measurement transmitters, probes, and stations for the critical health care, laboratory, industrial process and power generating industries.
 Air Solutions, Inc. -- Fans, blowers, silencers, dampers, dust and fume collectors, mist collectors, air filtration, air pollution control, vacuum equipment and accessories for industry and OEM manufacturers.
 Air Treatment Corporation -- Diverse group of application engineers providing HVAC equipment and system design support to consultants, owners and contractors in California.
 Air Turbine Propeller Co -- Fan Blades for Industrial applications. Stainless Steel Fans, Aluminum fan blades and Carbon Steel fans from 10 to 120 inches.
 Air/Pro Inc. -- Industrial air moving, cleaning, dust control, pneumatic conveying applications.
 Aircoline Ltd -- Greek manufacturer of airconditioning, heating and ventilation systems.
 Airflow Company -- Manufacturer of precision A/C, desiccant dehumidification, and specialty HVAC equipment.
 Airkool Projects Ltd. -- Provide a range of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for offices, hotels, factory environments and restaurants.
 AirRepair -- Heating and air conditioning parts and accessories.
 Airtron Heating and Air -- A nationwide heating and cooling company. 14 locations in the midwest, Florida and central United States. Job opportunities always available.
 AKCoatings -- Antimicrobial coatings to suppress the growth of microbes on HVAC and refrigeration components.
 Alltemp Products Company Limited -- Distributor of HVAC - Appliance, Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Replacement Parts (HVAC).
 Alston -- Manufacturer of heat recovery systems, size reduction and classification equipment thermal processing and incineration equipment.
 American Residential Services -- A nationwide source for residential and commercial plumbing service and plumbing installations.
 American Standard -- Manufacturer of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, HVAC, air conditioners, gas furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, and air cleaners. Brands include Allegiance, Heritage, Freedom, Odyssey, and Voyager.
 An Online HVAC Catalog at -- HVAC equipment supplier on the Internet.
 Applied Air -- A leading innovator in the hvac industry, offering a wide range of products for commercial or industrial applications.
 ArctiChill, Inc. -- A premier manufacturer of high quality chillers and cooling towers for various markets including medical, industrial process and drycleaning industries.
 Armstrong Air Conditioning Inc. -- Armstrong air conditioning offers a wide variety of high quality hvac products for commercial, industrial and multi-family applications.
 Artis Metals Company Inc -- Manufacturer of chimney caps, ventilators, j-vents, attic vents, roof bases and flashings, and foundation and soffit vents .
 Balcke-Dürr Energietechnik GmbH -- Manufacturers of components, systems and services for recooling technology.
 Biddle Air Systems Limited -- A leading european business specialising in climate control and air curtain technologies with research and manufacturing facilities in the UK and the Netherlands.
 Blender Products, Inc. -- Manufactures static mixing devices for the HVAC and industrial processes industries. The air blender static mixer is designed to mix stratified air streams to provide more homogeneous temperatures and concentrations.
 Blue Star limited -- Air conditioning and refrigeration, manufacturers of central ACs, window ACs, splits, ducted Acs, water coolers, cold rooms, deep freezers, dispensers, kitchen and laundry equipment.
 Brauer Supply Company -- Insulation, filters, and fasteners for the HVAC industry.
 Brilco -- Manufacturer's representatives of commercial, industrial and residential HVAC systems in Iowa.
 Bruce Air Filter -- Specializes in air filtration products that are related to the hvac, indoor air quality and dust collection markets.
 Bry-Air Moisture Removal Systems -- Desiccant dehumidifiers and environmental control systems to maintain precise humidity and temperature levels.
 Cadet Manufacturing -- Manufacturer and distributor of heating units and thermostats. Includes product and company information, retailers, news, and customer support.
 Carnes Company -- Manufactures quality HVAC equipment for sheet metal and mechanical contractors serving the commercial, non-residential construction market.
 Carrier Corp. -- Global contact and product information available online. Offering air conditioners and cleaners purchased online.
 Change'Air Products and Services Ltd. -- Provider of vertical upflow heating and ventilation units with air conditioning options for schools and working places.
 Citec Denco -- Manufacturer of precision and close control air conditioning system.
 Clark Air Systems -- Provides solutions to industrial and commercial air quality problems, helping you achieve your indoor air quality goals.
 ClimateCraft -- Quality custom HVAC systems for commercial buildings.
 Clivet Limited -- Italian manufacturer of air conditioning and environmental temperature control systems.
 Condenser People, Inc. -- HVAC coil cleaning contractor. Our patented service allows building owners and operators to save on energy expenditures.
 Conserve-Air Engineering and Sales -- A Full-Line HVAC wholesaler and Tempstar equipment distributor. Also specialize in all your indoor air quality needs.
 Consort Electric Heating Solutions -- Electric heating solutions, sheetmetal fabrication, crossflow fans.
 Cool Breeze Evaporative Air-Conditioners -- Cool Breeze evaporative air-conditioners provide effective cooling to premises by supplying continuous cool and clean air to the area to be cooled. Fresh air is supplied, no recirculation!
 Cool Serve -- Specialize in the service and repair of split unit air conditioners.
 Cool Zone USA -- Mist cooling systems for industrial, commercial and residential uses.
 Cooling Specialists -- Sales, service, installation and maintenance of all commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
 Coolmation -- Specialises in process cooling, low temperature refrigeration, air conditioning, and automatic plastics material feed and re-grind systems.
 Coppus -- Provider of portable ventilators which help fume and vapor removal, compressed air filtration, personnel cooling and confined space ventilation with propane heaters, cooling mist and ventilation blowers
 CosaTron -- A unique contamination control system that uses complex electrical fields to create a particulate excitation field within the plenum that causes rapid particle collisions, thus creating larger particles that are more easily controlled by the existing air handling unit and able to be captured by standard particulate filters.
 Creative Mechanical Services Inc. -- Cooling tower parts and repair service. Also offers vibration analysis, inspections, and maintenance.
 CTP Tower Parts, Inc -- Manufacturer, stocking distributor and supplier of PVC cooling tower parts and tower-related items.
 Custom HVAC -- Custom heating, ventilating and air conditioning / air handling units, rooftop or central station HVAC type, unit design services, for schools, hospitals, office or industrial buildings.
 Darrough Air Conditioning and Heating Co. -- Located in Tulsa Oklahoma, provide heating and air conditioning installation and repair.
 Delta Air Systems Ltd. -- In the business of improving the quality of the environment in homes and businesses since the 1950's.
 Delta Cooling Towers, Inc -- A full line of factory assembled cooling towers for any application.
 Denco Limited -- Manufacture close control air conditioning equipment and installations, centralised lubrication systems and compressed air products. Includes downloadable product brochures and data sheets.
 Des Champs Laboratories Incorporated -- Developing innovative solutions for energy recovery, outside air conditioning, improved indoor air quality, and air to air heat exchangers.
 Desert Aire -- Basic system includes an evaporator coil, reheat coil, compressor, blower and electrical controls. Some units may also contain an optional water heating coil.
 Diakool -- Manufacturers air conditioners in for OEM accounts primarily for use in the Middle East.
 Dri-steem Humidifier Company -- Developed a humidifier for any application.
 Dry Coolers Inc. -- Cooling towers, pumping stations, heat exchangers, chillers, dry coolers, closed loop cooling systems, shell and tube exchangers, heat recovery equipment.
 Ductmate Industries Inc. -- Manufacturing of connectors, access doors, sealants, adhesives, hanging systems, reinforcements and other duct accessories.
 East Hill Heating and Cooling -- Providing commercial and residential services for most makes and models. Family owned and operated, East Hill Heating and Cooling has been providing South King County quality service since 1939. Member of Kent Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.
 Edwards Engineering Corp. -- Chillers, coolers and vapor recovery equipment.
 Emmeti S.P.A. -- Distributor of split systems air conditioners such as high wall, floor/ceiling, cassette, and ductable. Also Distributes of fan coils and chillers, and air curtains.
 Empresas Mayer S.A. de C.V. -- Manufacture of heat exchanger coils and special designed HVAC's for commercial and industrial purposes with intelligent controls.
 Energy Labs -- Manufacturer of custom air handling units, roof top packaged units, custom coils.
 Environmental Pool Systems, Inc. -- Design, engineering, consulting and manufacturing technology for commercial and residential indoor pool applications. Manufacturer of DRY-AIR stainless steel dehumidifiers for indoor pools.
 ES Technologies -- Direct digital control (ddc) systems for heating, ventilation, and air-condition (hvac) equipment in commercial buildings.
 Explosion Proof Air Conditioning -- Manufacturer of explosion proof air conditioning equipment for hazardous locations.
 FabricAir, Inc. -- Supply the original fabric air duct system. Draft and noise free airdistribution.
 Farr -- Designs and manufactures air and liquid filtration equipment for a wide range of markets and applications from commercial and industrial buildings to manufacturing cleanrooms.
 Farr Company -- The company designs and manufactures air and liquid filtration equipment for a wide range of markets and applications -- from commercial and industrial buildings to manufacturing cleanrooms... from diesel-powered vehicles to specialized OEM equipment.
 Fenix Group -- Eight commercial companies working primarily in the manufacture and sale of electric heating systems.
 Filtration Technologies -- Providers of absorption chiller servicing aids, including a patented filtration unit to remove the oxide particulates from the lithium bromide.
 Force Manner Co., LTD. -- Offers Air Monster stand fans, ceiling fans, industrial fans to heaters and coolers.
 FTS Kinetics -- Manufacturer of cooling, refrigeration and temperature control equipment for the semiconductor and electronics process.
 GEA Air Treatment -- Manufacturer of complete systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
 General Shelters of Texas, S.B., Ltd. -- Manufacture portable evaporative cooling units for outdoor activities, warehouses, and pool and patio .
 Genetron Web Site -- The broadest product line of environmentally safer alternatives for air conditioning, refrigeration, and blowing agents.
 Graham, Division of Danfoss Inc. -- Provides adjustable frequency drives to north america with features designed solely for the unique needs of HVAC systems.
 Greenheck -- Greenheck manufactures fans and ventilators, centrifugal fans, vane axial fans, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation systems, energy recovery ventilators and make up air units for the commercial and industrial market.
 Haeck Company -- Represents manufacturers of air filtration, purification, and ventilation products including gas phase filtration, bulk carbon and impregnated alumina products, supply and exhaust fans, and kitchen exhaust hoods.
 Hamon Cooling Towers -- Provides cooling towers.
 Hangzhou Dawn Group Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. -- Chinese manufacturer of air conditioners, heat exchangers and cooling equipment.
 Haynes Heating and Cooling -- Haynes Heating and Cooling provides service to residential, commercial and industrial with boilers, chillers, cooling towers and sheet metal fabrication.
 Heat Pumps -- Distributor of window and wall air conditioners and heatpumps in the united states.
 Heatex AB -- Manufacture a range of heat exchangers. Includes catalogs in pdf format and free heat calculation software.
 Heating Services inc -- Sale, service and hire of fixed and portable heating equipment and air conditioning equipment.
 Heatmor -- Manufactures stainless steel outdoor wood burning furnaces. Offering technical data on several furnace models, an FAQ and trade show information.
 Heil - Heating and Cooling Products -- This site has information for residential owners on gas and electric heating and cooling units, furnaces, pumps and air conditioners. Name brands are heil, tempstar, arcoaire, comfortmaker, and icpusa.
 Heng Yin Electric Co., Ltd. -- Manufactures transformers, motors and components for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. From Taiwan.
 Hoffman Air and Filtration Systems -- Specialize in the design, manufacturing and sale of centrifugal compressors blowers and exhausters, vacuum cleaning systems, and liquid filtration systems.
 Hoffman and Hoffman, Inc. -- Manufacturers sales representatives in the selection and application of commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtration and DDC systems.
 Home Ventilation Products -- Crawl space ventilator vents chemicals, odors and radon.
 Howorth -- Manufactures patented laminar flow systems for orthopedic or's and custom containment systems (isolators, clean rooms, downflow booths) for the pharmaceutical, biotech and computer chip industries.
 HPT Components LTDA -- Represents, imports and distributes cooling tower components including fills and transmission shafts. Includes product specifications.
 HVAC Browser -- Company research and business information tool for the hvac industry. Requires download of custom software to join and operate the resource information.
 HVAC online -- Resource site for contractors, manufactures and distributors in the HVAC industry .
 HVAC Portable Systems Inc -- Supplies rental equipment for temperature control and electrical power requirements. A subsidiary of carrier corp.
 HVAC: Michael Mechanical Services Incorporated -- Michael Mechanical Services Inc., is a full service HVAC solutions provider which specializes in Automated Building Controls, HVAC/R Servicing, Modernization/Retrofits, and DDC.
 HySave -- Refrigeration energy saving refrigerant pumps used to boost / amplify the refrigerant.
 ICE Manufacturing Ltd. -- Your first choice for custom engineered forced air equipment.
 Industrial Fans and Blowers -- Heavy-duty industrial fans and blowers, high temperature fans, high pressure blowers, process and OEM fans, combustion blowers, dust collecting fans, fiberglass blowers, stainless steel fans.
 Inter-Net Specialty Products Inc. -- Custom manufacturer of industrial HVAC units, control rooms, consoles, electrical room, crane cabins and pulpits.
 International Comfort Products -- Designs, manufactures and markets high-quality central air conditioning systems and gas and oil furnaces for use in homes and commercial buildings.
 International Cooling Tower -- Cooling tower erection, repair, upgrade and maintenance specialist.
 Isolate, Inc. -- Hospital TB isolation units, odor control, HEPA air filtration, IAQ chemical air filter units, ultraviolet disinfection, air filtration, and air conditioning units.
 Jard Corporation -- Supplier of transformers, watt motors, potential relays, and other HVAC products.
 Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, coolers. Also offer heat treatment process.
 kav-kor -- Produces thermostats and controls for temperature regulating systems, mechanical and electronic, for heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation and air condition.
 Kees, Inc. -- Maker of sheet metal HVAC air distribution products: diffusers, registers, grilles, access doors, air mixers, air blenders, security grilles, stainless steel grilles, stamped and bar grilles, kitchen hoods, fans and make-up air units.
 Koch Industrial Coolers -- Manufacturers air cooled heat exchangers for the petrochemical, process, refinery, gas compression, pipeline and power generation markets.
 Kwikool Portable Cooling Systems -- Mfg. of portable air conditioners from 12,000 btu's to 120,000 btu's used for equipment rooms and spot cooling.
 Lemoine Marine Refrigeration Inc -- Specialize in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and sheet metal needs for offshore, inland vessels, drilling rigs, production platforms, and living quarters.
 Lennox -- Heating and cooling comfort equipment that are the standard in the industry.
 LK Airquality Inc. -- Company which develops, manufactures and installs automatically-controlled air ionizer which improves your indoor air quality.
 Luwa Bahnson -- From Components to Turn-Key Air Handling Solutions
 Maplin Mechanical Services Ltd -- Airconditioning design installation, laminar flow clean air.
 Marley Cooling Tower -- Designer and manufacturer of cooling towers and cooling tower components for the HVAC, refrigeration, industrial and power generation markets.
 McQuay International -- Manufacture, sales and service of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment principally for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.
 Mestek, Inc. -- Manufacture and provide HVAC equipment, metal forming equipment, extruded aluminum products and computer information systems and services.
 Millers Mechanical -- Air conditioning and heating equipment, shipping to any where in the world.
 Minib -- Czech floor fan-coils (convectors) manufacturer.
 Miracle Vent -- Miracle vents are the least expensive way to warm attic areas to protect fire sprinkler pipes (all water pipes) from freezing.
 Mobile Aire Inc. -- Distributing heaters, air conditioners, packaged systems, parts and electrostatic filters.
 Monarch Custom Radiator Enclosures -- Radiator enclosures(covers).
 Nevada-Mist -- Misting systems for outdoor cooling and special effects, patios, gazebos.
 Nutech Energy Systems, Inc. -- Indoor air treatments include the turbulent flow precipitator, heat recovery ventilator and the clean air furnace.
 OceanAire -- Manufacturers of air cooled and water cooled portable air conditioners.
 Olympic Engineered Sales, Inc. -- Manufacturers' representatives in the Pacific Northwest for industrial HVAC and other mechanical equipment, such as air pollution and noise control and water filtration.
 Oscar Faber -- Suppliers of airdeck system for providing passive night cooling in new build and retrofit applications.
 Palm Supply Co. -- Wholesale distributors of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
 Panel Radiator, Inc -- A factory direct source for hydronic heating products, including chilled water cooling , panel radiators, and bathroom heaters.
 Peake Industries Limited -- Manufacturer of over twenty types of air conditioning units for residential and commercial uses. Currently distributes the Peake brand to over 60 countries in North, South and Latin America, the Middle East and the Caribbean.
 Penn Radiant Products Inc. -- Offer a range of heating, cooling and air conditioning units. Includes product catalog and pricing.
 Penn Ventilation Companies -- Leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment.
 Planet HVAC. -- Resource site providing content, community and e-commerce for contractors, wholesalers, and manufacturers in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry .
 Portable Air Conditioning -- Portable units are ideal for residences, basements, inner offices and outdoor event cooling.
 Portable Air Conditioning and Spot Cooling -- Over 70 combined years of experience in the field of hvac, and want to be your source for portable air conditioners including temporary and spot cooling.
 Portatemp -- All types of portable air conditioners including temporary and spot cooling air conditioning.
 Powerform Electric Controls -- Manufacture of electronic fan speed controllers for single phase fans as used in heating, ventillating and air conditioning applications.
 R Rice Supplies -- 15 years experience at providing cooling and air conditioning systems.
 Rapid Cool -- Misting systems for outdoor cooling, humidification, special effects and fog.
 Rapid Engineering -- Air management systems providing heating, cooling and ventilating for open air industrial facilities with improved indoor air quality.
 Research Products Corporation -- Design, develop, manufacture, and distribute quality products which improve the environment by conditioning the air in homes throughout North America.
 Rexnord Electronics and Controls -- Manufacturers of instrument cooling fan motors.
 Rheem Manufacturing Company -- One of the world's leading manufacturers of central heating and cooling products.
 Roberts Gordon -- Manufactures low and high intensity infrared heating equipment.
 Roomair Dehumidifiers And Air Cleaners -- Top quality dehumidifiers, air cleaners, room air conditioners and other home comfort appliances.
 Ruskin Company -- Manufacture fire and smoke dampers for tunnel ventilation and waste-water treatment facilities. features a range of product literature, catalogs, and reference charts.
 S. A. Armstrong Limited -- Catalog page of heat exchangers with links to hydronics, systems, pump parts, and engineered products.
 S.G. Torrice Company -- Distributor of heating and cooling equipment. Our sheet metal shop features the technology enabling us to meet customers' customized sheet metal needs.
 SaeNam Materials Co., Ltd. -- Korean manufacturer of moisture absorbent desiccant made of natural mineral and silica gel.
 Saia-Burgess Electronics AG -- Offers switches, motors, controllers and sub-system for building automation, industry automation and clima control.
 Seiho International -- A manufacturer of contemporary designs of nozzles, grills and registers for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries. Our products are made from the highest quality anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel.
 Semco -- Acoustical and air quality control products designed for improving indoor environments.
 Service and Supply Warehouse -- Offers tools, test equipment, service data, gauges, meters, videotapes, CDRoms, books and software for the HVAC industry.
 Service Experts, Inc. -- Provide sales, installation, maintenance, and repair for heating, cooling, ventilation and indoor air quality systems. Features a service center locator.
 severe duty air conditioning -- Explosion proof air conditioning and heating systems
 Sid Harvey Industries, Inc -- Wholesale suppliers of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating parts and equipment.New customer registration required.
 Smoke Control Services Limited -- Design, installation and servicing of smoke ventilation systems. -- Distributor of solar powered attic fans.
 SpacePak -- Manufactures a central air conditioning system for homes unable to accommodate conventional duct systems.
 Spot Coolers -- Suppliers of spot cooling equipment used for cooling overheated areas within a larger area, as opposed to providing general cooling by means of a remote centrally controlled air-conditioning system.
 Super Vacuum Manufacturing Company, Inc. -- Manufacture emergency ventilation products such as electric smoke ventilators and gas positive pressure ventilators.
 Superior Rex -- Manufactures fan coil units, air handlers and replacement coils.
 Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies -- HVACR equipment wholesaler, sheet metal shop and parts supplier with a number of Eastern Ontario locations. Includes a company overview with staff at each location, product and service details, technical talk and tips.
 Taco, Inc. -- Offers a complete line of products utilized in commercial hvac systems.
 Tanner Home and Energy -- Installation, service, maintenance plans, heating oil and propane delivery
 Tecogen Inc. -- Provides engineering research and development services and markets three products, engine-driven chillers in the 50 - 1000 ton size range, engine-driven refrigeration compressors up to 160 tons, and cogenerators in the 30 to 75 kwe range.
 Tempstar - Heating and Cooling Products -- Tempstar is committed to delivering heating and air conditioning solutions with energy efficient products for maximum energy savings and reliable operation for peace of mind year-after-year.
 Terry Magee Heating & Cooling -- A Mississippi Heating & Air Conditioning Company serving the MS area for 18 years.
 Tetisan solutions -- Heating, cooling, ventilating and air conditioning systems (textile plants, comfort, industrial, hygienic, food). Dust filtering systems (for waste energy recovery, drying ovens for wood, wool bale and cardboard). Pneumatic transport.
 The Trane Company -- Manufacture heating, ventilating, air conditioning and building management equipment and systems.
 Thermal Precision -- Manufacturers of industrial closed loop cooling systems. A division of Thermotech Corporation.
 Thermo 2000 Inc. -- Makers of heating and ventilation products since 1978. Water heater and heat exchanger: turbomax, optimizer, electric boiler, wood boiler, fan coil units.
 Thermo-Cycler -- Energy efficient industrial heating systems.
 Thermoguard -- Is a polyurethan metallic pigmented coating system for heat exchangers.
 Thermoklima -- Thermoklima guarantees the correct study and application of all air-conditioning systems.
 Tillman and Associates, Inc. -- Custom heating, ventilating, air conditioning, air handling units, (HVAC), explosion proof heaters, filters, evaporative coolers, industrial make-up air, chilled water and direct expansion units.
 Tjernlund Products, Inc. -- HVAC manufacturer of side wall venter, duct booster, draft inducer, combustion and fresh air intake, barometric draft controls, air cleaners, and head cooling fans.
 TOPP Portable Air -- Sales, Rental & Leasing of temporary & portable heating, air conditioning and large-area dehumidifying equipment for commercial and industrial use.
 Toshiba Air Conditioners -- Toshiba Air Conditioning, news, product specifications, technical diagrams, CAD icons and instant links to the experts.
 Tower Tech, Inc. -- Cooling towers. Really big cooling towers.
 Transportable Temperature Systems -- Manufacturers of transportable air conditioning systems for custom cooling applications.
 TRC Sales -- Listing of HVAC/R servicers.
 Turbo Burn Inc. -- Supply a multi-fuel central heating system designed to store energy using water from waste-oil, wood, coal, propane, natural gas or various other solid fuels.
 Unico System -- Unico system's modular air handlers and coils can be installed in ceilings, floors, crawlspaces, and closets and its flexible 2' inner diameter supply tubing can be routed through existing ceiling, floor and wall cavities, eliminating the need for unsightly metal ductwork.
 USA COIL & AIR -- Builds standard or built-to-order commercial or industrial air conditioning and heating equipment.
 Venmar Ventilation, Inc. -- Venmar has a complete line of powered source ventilators (kitchen range hoods, bathroom fans, and dehumidifiers) from simple to elegant, and packed with features.
 Vent Axia Ltd -- Vent-Axia manufactures and markets a range of fan products and accessories to provide domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions.
 Walton Humidifiers -- Manufacturers of controlled humidification equipment with atomizing cold steam® and other high-quality humidifiers.
 Watts Radiant -- Supplies a wide variety of hydronic (water based) and electric radiant floor heating, and snowmelting equipment.
 Weather Crafts Ltd -- Manufacturer of split and window airconditioners and water coolers and ir remotes. Includes online buying facility.
 Western Environmental Services -- A list and description of products represented by Wescor along with technical papers and links to various websites for manufacturers of HVAC and plumbing products.
 Whaley Products, Inc. -- Offers industrial cooling systems including central and portable air and water cooled chillers, cooling towers and pump tank systems.
 Willa, Inc. -- Cooling tower inspections, testing, consultation, bid evaluations, specification reviews, seminars, project engineering, catastrophic failure analysis, all services, and phone consultations.
 Witt -- A manufacturer of commercial heat transfer products, refrigeration and HVAC, air handlers, air cooled condensing units, belt drive units.
 Wonder Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. -- Integrated manufacture, sales, and after-sales service of centralized air-conditioners and terminal units.
 Yazaki Energy Systems -- A new generation of absorption chiller-heaters have been developed with energy saving features and lower maintenance requirements to lower the life cycle cost.
 York International Corporation -- Independent supplier of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration ( HVAC&R ) equipment.

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