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 CAD CAM and CNC Software  Dealers and Distributors

 Accurate Technology, Inc. -- Manufacturers of ProScale linear digital measurement systems.
 AccuSystems -- Product range from small glue systems, to large CNC double sided boring & insertion machines.
 Adwood Corporation -- Cehisa edgebanders, Casolin standard machinery, Elcon vertical saws, Detel boring machines, Casati veneer splicers. Tapes and Tools division for edgebanding supplies.
 AH Engineering -- Manufactures boring machinery and boring heads for specific pattern boring of holes into wood or plastic.
 Alpha Saw -- Offers an automated, computer controlled, wood truss component saw for the building components industry.
 Altendorf America -- Supplies panel processing and woodworking machines, software, manufacturing solutions to woodworking shops in the United States. A division of Stiles Machinery, Inc.
 Anderson Group -- Taiwan. CNC routers. Worldwide sales and service subsidiaries.
 Atlantic Machinery Corporation -- Antipollution equipment, downdraft tables, spraybooths, edgebanders, saws, boring machines, sanding machines, laminating and veneering machines, hot presses, cold presses, membrane presses, and standard machines.
 Auburn Machinery, Inc. -- Double surfacers, planer/moulders, log home machines, ripsaws, planer/ripsaws, cut off saws, band resaws, end matchers, finger jointers, optimizing systems, and ustom machines
 Auto 'V' Grooving Inc. -- V-grooving machines for products such as countertops, vanities, store fixtures, office or home furniture, speakers or cabinetry made from solid surface, veneered solid surface or wood products.
 AXYZ Automation Inc. -- Canada. CNC router tables equipped to control air and electric tools. The built in AMC control board and PC based 'ToolPath' software allows for easy programming. Perske and Porter-Cable spindles.
 Barr-Mullin -- Manufacturers of high tech optimizing equipment from gang-rip optimizers to turn-key plant setup.
 Belsaw Company -- Planer/moulders, parts and service. Also, custom moulding knives.
 Biesse Group America -- Complete range of flat panel processing equipment for all manufacturers of cabinets, store fixtures, and furniture. Lines include Selco and Schelling beamsaws, Biesse machining centers, Comil, RBO, and Polymac.
 Black Bros. Co. -- Industrial gluing, coating, laminating and finishing machinery for wood, metal, corrugated packaging, paper converting, gaskets, store fixtures and kitchen cabinets.
 Boere -- Holland. Wide belt sanding machines : calibrating, presanding, finish sanding, fine finishing, lacquer sanding, denibbing, planing-sanding, structuring.
 C. R. Onsrud -- Manufacturers of CNC and inverted routers, CMC workcells, plus parts and service.
 Carter Products -- Flip-pod CNC router fixturing system, band saw guides and blade stabilizers, band saw wheels and tires, laser and quartz guide line lights, laser diodes, inspection lights, and resaw and bandmill blade deviation detectors.
 Cefla Group -- Sorbini, Dimac and Falcioni finishing machines and systems for mouldings, panels, doors and windows, and furniture.
 Cemco Inc. -- Complete line of widebelt sanding systems for both the woodworking and metal working industry, plus multi-spindle component part boring machines for the woodworking industry.
 Chase & Company -- Progressive gesso die system uses precision designed, specially-treated, tool steel gesso dies for manufacturing high-quality coated mouldings.
 Chin Chao Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. -- Taiwan. Drum sanding machines, curve and straight copy sanding machines, furniture sanders, dust collectors.
 CMS North America -- CNC routers and machining centers for solid wood and flat panel processing. 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machines with single or multiple heads. Also for plastics and non-ferrous metals.
 CNC Auto-Motion -- Manufacturer of standard and custom built CNC routers used in the wood, metal, plastics, and composites industries.
 Colonial Saw -- A complete selection of woodworking machines, plus tool grinding machines for cutting tools, shapers, router bits, end mills, spiral cutters, drill bits, saws and knives.
 Columbus Presses -- Germany. Veneer softforming in the press. Surface laminating, gluing, and veneering with vacuum technology.
 Conception RP Inc. -- Canada. Finger jointing machines and production lines, chopsaws, glue applicators, and fingerjoint cutterhead grinders.
 Conquest Industries -- Boring machines, drills, and grinders for the wood working industry.
 Costa And Grissom Machinery Co. Inc. -- Producer of the first wide belt sanding machine in 1954 for the production of thin veneer.
 CTD Machines, Inc. -- Mitre saws, double mitre saws, and automatic cutoff saws.
 Daltons Woodworking Machines -- UK. Machinery manufacturer, distributor, and rebuilder. Products include Phillipson, Wadkin, Elcon, and Stenner lines of machinery, plus tooling and accessories.
 Damzac Corporation -- Supplies replacement rubber rollers and rubber belts for standard roller feeders, power feeders, stock feeders and belt feeders for feeder attachments on woodworking shapers and table saws.
 Delle Vedove USA, Inc. -- Profile sanding and finishing systems for the woodworking industry.
 Delta International Woodworking Machines -- Table saws, lathes, sanding machines, drill presses, air cleaner, band saws, boring machine, downdraft tables, dust collectors, grinders, jointers, miter saws, mortiser, planers, radial saws, sanders, scroll saws, stock feeders, wood shapers.
 Diehl Machines -- Building quality woodworking equipment since 1909. Straight line ripsaws, gang ripsaws, lathes, moulders, veneer splicers, toolroom equipment, and knife grinders.
 Digi-kit.com -- Electronoc digital readout retrofits for popular woodworking table saw fences including Biesemeyer, Delta, Jet, and Powermatic.
 Digital Cybermation -- Manufacturer of inexpensive CNC Routers for the woodworking industry.
 DMG - Delmac Machinery Group -- Point to point machining centers, edgebanders, tenoners, bore and dowel machines, material handling, and systems for flat panel processing, and furniture manufacturing.
 Dodds -- Single end and double end manual or automatic dovetail machines. Also gluers, and clamps. Drawer manufacturing and assembly machines.
 Doucet Machineries -- Canada. Machinery for the furniture and woodworking industries.
 Douglas Machine Company Inc. -- New and used woodworking machinery, sales, installation, and service.
 E&R System Technik, Inc. -- Imports and distributes specialty woodworking equipment for millwork, a complete line of stairbuilding equipment and Vacumat coating equipment.
 Easy Cut -- China. Features 3-axis CNC routers for engraving, milling, drilling and cutting. Works with PCB, GBR, HPGL, NC, and DXF file formats.
 Ekstrom-Carlson, Inc. -- We supply new parts and complete rebuilds for Ekstrom-Carlson woodworking equipment and interchangeable chains and races for Diehl rip saws.
 Elkom North America -- Heating and cooling platens, electrical heating bars, temperature control systems, Corian and solid-surface preheating and thermoforming stations, and membrane presses.
 Eric Riebling Co. Inc. -- Ott, Koelle, Ramarch: edgebanders, saws, shapers, planers, jointers, presses, case clamps, and sanders.
 Essetre UK Ltd. -- UK. CNC machinery specialists for the woodworking, plastic and metal industries.
 Euro Press -- Ireland. Manufacturer of vacuum presses for laminating PVC, thermofoil and fireproof thermofoil to MDF substrates. For kitchen and bedroom doors, office furniture, coffins/caskets, bathroom furniture, car dashboards, aircraft components.
 Euro TSC -- Italy. Bandsaws, table saws, and hydraulic log splitters.
 European Woodworking Machinery Co. -- High-end European sanders, finishing and laminating equipment, beamsaws, edge-processing equipment, CNC routers, and US-made material handling equipment.
 EuroTech Machinery Ltd. -- New Zealand. Manufacturer of electronic phase converters - single phase to three phase. Importer of tooling and combination woodworking machines from Felder and Hammer.
 Evans Machinery Inc. -- A leader in the postforming and laminating industry for over 35 years.
 Federico Mariottini Hacksawing Machines -- Mariottini Federico Build and sell hacksawing machines, fret sawing machines, routing machines and other wood working machines.
 Felder Maschinenbau -- Austria. Saw - multipurpose machines, sliding table saws, tilting shapers, planers, jointers, slot and square chisel mortising machines, bandsaws, edge sanders, stroke sanders, dust extractors, and power feeders.
 Fletcher Machine -- Double end tenoners, single end tenoners, foiling equipment, edge sanders, mould sanders, cannonball sanders, boring machines, and diamond tooling.
 FORMAT-4 Woodworking Machines -- Austria. Sliding table saws.
 G & L Technologies Inc. -- Manufactures automation products for the shutter industry.
 Galt Wood Tool (1989) Limited -- Offers saw blades, dado sets, groovers, shaper steel and custom design items.
 Giben -- Specialists in panel sizing. Beamsaws, panel saws, angular saws, and panel sizing systems. Engineering services.
 Gomad -- Poland. Shapers, one two and three-side multi spindle drilling machines, drilling-shaping machines, circular saws with under-cutting attachment, tenoning machines.
 Goodspeed Machine Co. -- New and used wood turning machinery. Backknife, copy, and variety lathes, dowel manufacturing machinery, sanders and specialty machines including tooling.
 Greco Manufacturing -- Manufactures vacuum laminating presses and adhesive applicators for woodworking, thermofoil cabinet doors, store fixtures and furniture.
 Griggio S.p.A -- Italy. Founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of traditional woodworking machinery: saws, planers, jointers, moulders.
 Grum-Schwensen -- Denmark. Multispindle vertical and horizontal boring machines for furniture manufacturing; special boring machines according to customers' needs.
 HAMMER Woodworking Machines -- Austria. Saw - multipurpose machines, sliding table saws, tilting shapers, planers, jointers, slot and square chisel mortising machines, bandsaws, edge sanders, stroke sanders, dust extractors, and power feeders.
 Hendrick - RWH Industries -- Rail panel saw, CNC routers, CNC point to point boring machine, special application routers, and laser cutters.
 Hersaf Woodworking Machinery -- Industrial panel routers and accessories.
 HIT Distributors, Ltd. -- Distributor of new and use woodworking machinery including power tools, saws, edgebanders, drills, and CNC.
 Hobuy Power Tools Co., Ltd. -- China. Manufacturer of electric and cordless power tools incl. cordless drill and wood planer.
 Holz-Her Inc. -- Manufacturer of industrial woodworking production equipment.
 Hong Sheng Industrial Co. Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures selection of special woodworking drills.
 IMA America -- Edgebanding machines, CNC routers, point-to-point machining centers and through-feed drilling machines. Single units through completely automated production lines.
 Industrial Timber Technology Ltd. -- UK. Automatic nailing and stapling machines for fences, pallets and packaging, and garden trellis.
 Innovativ Vision AB -- Sweden. Wood Eye vision scanning system for high-speed automatic lumber grading.
 Interholz Raimann GmbH -- Germany. Gang rip saws, selective rip saws, optimizing saws, double arbor saws, length cutting saws, cross cutting saws / pendulum saws, veneer defecters and patchers.
 ISCO - Industrial Service Co. -- Panel door clamps and assembly stations, board and panel stackers, precision tenoner chain, and automatic fingerjoint lug feeder and corner.
 James L. Taylor Manufacturing -- Edge gluing, laminating, rip optimization, and panel optimization machinery since 1900. Clamps, clamp carriers, glue applicators, glue mixers, rip optimizers, and panel optimizers for your shop.
 Joos USA -- Joos hot presses, Mayer panel saws, Elkom platens, Casati veneer stitchers, Ayen boring & doweling machines, and Osama glue spreaders.
 Jorgenson Machinery -- Cleaning, brushing, contaminant removal, and inspection machines for wood and panel products used in conjunction with gluing, laminating and finishing processes. Also provides material handling and US importer for Weiss suction guns.
 Kikukawa Iron Works -- Japan. Machinery for laminated boards, plywood / board wide belt sanding machines, and equipment for lumber core block board.
 Kiser Belting & Machine -- Provides wide belt sander and abrasive planer feed belts and other conveyor belts. Belts and service for Timesaver, AEM, CEMCO, other sanders.
 Koch Machinery -- Boring and dowelling machines, mortise and tenon machines, door and window machines, dowel inserters, rough mill optimization, ripsaws, crosscut saws, 5-axis routers and chair manufacturing machines. Lines include Koch, Paul Saws, Pade, and Innovativ Vision.
 Komo Machine -- Factory automation and CNC routers.
 Kraemer Tool and Mfg. -- Canada. Dust collectors, downdraft tables, rotary air locks, filters, accessories.
 Kundig Sanding Machines -- UK. Top quality Swiss manufactured widebelt and edge sanders.
 Larken Automation -- Canada. Manufacturer of 8 models of high quality computerized router systems and digitizing probe for woodworking, signmaking and 3D modelling.
 Lee Yeong Industrial Co., Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures range of power tools for the woodworking and building industries. Products include drills, saws, power hammers and screwdrivers, and sander/polishers.
 Lih Woei Carpentry Machine Co., Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures copy shaping machines with profile sander, dovetail machines, and cabinet door machinery.
 Lobo Machinery Corp. -- Manufacturers of a broad selection of industrial woodworking equipment.
 Log Woofer Works -- Manufacturers of log tenon machines and industrial woodworking machinery for log home construction.
 Luban Woodworking Machinery -- China. Single-sided planers.
 MACMA Woodworking Machinery -- New Zealand. Importers and manufacturers of large range of quality woodworking machinery located in Auckland.
 Macoser -- Major importer of advanced hi-tech woodworking machinery from Italy and other European countries.
 Martin - USA -- Sliding table saws, shapers, moulders, four-sided planers, power feeders, and safety products for any kind of woodworking machinery.
 Maxym Technologies -- Manufacturers of CNC routers and tenoners.
 Mereen-Johnson Machine Company -- High-production dip chain ripsaws, roll feed ripsaws, CNC dovetailers, and tenoners. Founded in 1905, now has 3 USA manufacturing facilities.
 Metcalfe & Tattersall Ltd -- Suppliers of woodworking machinery and power tools and manufacturers of wide bandsaws. All types of saws and cutters serviced.
 Midwest Automation -- Postforming, laminating, and panel processing machines and systems used for a wide variety of applications in the woodworking, building component, and transportation industries.
 Mikron Woodworking Machinery -- Canada. Radius wood moulding machine and rosette machine.
 MULTIAX - Applied Routing Technologies -- CNC routers for furniture, solid wood, non-ferrous and plastics.
 Newman Whitney -- Planers, ripsaws, presses, shaving mills, knife grinders, and pallet machinery.
 Northfield Foundry and Machine Co. -- Bandsaws, shapers, table saws, surfacers, jointers, feeders, stackers, radial saws, and under table cutoff saws for industrial use.
 Northwood Machine Mfg. Co. -- CNC machining centers and routers.
 Ogden Enterprises, Inc. -- Rotoplane rotary planing machine and Wintersteiger thin-cut frame saws. Sales and service.
 Oldham Robinson -- Canada. CNC routers, for wood, plastics, and solid surfaces; and servo & stepper routers.
 OMGA Products -- Manufacturer of fine woodworking machines and equipment.
 Onsrud Machine Corporation -- Woodworking machinery for use by heavy industry, major manufacturers and small job shops.
 Pade Woodworking Machines -- Italy. Machines for chair and furniture manufacturing: 5-axis routers, CNC tenoners, linear profilers/shapers, mortising machines, trim and boring machines, and cutback tenoners.
 Paul Saws -- Germany. Crosscut systems with optimization, multirip saws for solid wood and panels, double- and automatic optimizing edgers, circular resaws, and complete rough mill systems.
 Pistorius Machine Co. -- Manual and automatic single and double cutoff saws, mitering saws, Vee-Nail frame assembly machines, embossing machines, and embossing rollers.
 Predimach inc. -- Canada. Offers veneer equipment, log peeling machinery, and custom machinery. Also offers precision machining, molds and trimming, general repairs and welding.
 Pruitt Machinery, Inc. -- Iida Kogyo moulders, fingerjointers, cutoff saws, and knife grinders. Plus Join-Tech 8-spindle copy shapers, profile shapers, and squaring cutters. Rye Machinery round table shapers, tenon machines, and boring equipment.
 Quality Vakuum Products, Inc -- USA. Air-powered and electric vacuum pressing, laminating and clamping systems. Also, veneering accessories.
 QuickWood -- Finishing sanding and sealer sanding on cabinet doors, furniture parts, wood shutters and solid surface material.
 R. K. Haskew & Company, Inc. -- Manufacturers of new Hasko 'Heavy-Built' woodworking machinery, and dealers in used and rebuilt industrial woodworking machinery of all types.
 Rand-Bright Corporation -- Complete line of wood sanders for solid wood parts as well as a line of segmented platen machines for veneer sanding. Also offers a complete line of wet dust collectors.
 Reichenbacher Maschinenfabrik -- Germany. CNC routers.
 Rhodes Worldwide -- Finishing systems, finishing equipment, and material transport equipment for finishing.
 Ritter Manufacturing -- Shaping, drilling and sanding machine manufacturers.
 Rose Machinery Inc. -- Manufactures standard or custom material handling and wood processing machinery for most any combination of material, environment, and process.
 Rotatec Tooling Systems -- UK. Complete manufacturing systems for the wood turning industry: Mattison lathes, Crouch sanders, Nash sanders, knife grinders, and software solutions.
 RT Byrnes Co. Inc -- Importer of woodworking machinery and parts as well as a full service distributor for domestic equipment, industrial supplies, and used machinery.
 Safety Speed Cut -- Features a range of vertical panel saws.
 Sand-Rite Manufacturing Co. -- Pneumatic drum and brush head sanding equipment.
 Saw Systems -- Offers panel saws and accessories including razor knife cutters, router plates, frame extensions, horizontal and vertical tape systems, stands and wheels.
 Saw Trax -- Low-cost precision vertical panel saws. Carriage accepts many models of circular saws, routers, and knives. 13 models in production.
 SCM Group -- Italy. Industrial solid-wood and panel processing machinery. Panel sizing machines and systems, sanding machines and systems, edgebanding and squaring machines, CNC routers and machining centres, handling equipment, moulders, shop machinery.
 Shaw Almex USA -- Thermolaminators and presses for woodworking, cabinet raised panel doors, furniture, wood veneers, and 3D lamination of vinyl and thermofoils.
 Shoda USA -- Manufacturing numerical controlled routers since 1964. CNC routers for machining of wood, plastics, nonferrous metals, and aerospace composites.
 ShopBot Personal Robotic Tools -- Low-cost CNC for automated 3D control of routers, drills, and other cutting tools.
 Solid Wood Systems, Inc. -- Woodworking machinery: Balestrini chair machines; Comec boring, sanding, and clamping machines; G3 Fantacci tooling and cutterheads; and MZ automatic bandsaws.
 Standard Router, Inc. -- Complete turnkey CNC router packages with CAD/CAM software and onsite installation and training included with every purchase.
 Stiles Machinery Inc. -- Supplies panel processing and woodworking machines, and software. Altendorf, Bargstedt, Brandt, Butfering, Cefla, Cut Rite, Dieffenbacher, Friz, Heian, Holzma, Homag, Homag Espana, Josting, Kuper, Ligmatech, Northwood, Schmalz, Wemhoner, and Weinmann.
 Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association -- Manufacturer of woodworking machines, also provides carpentry machine brokerage.
 Tannewitz Inc. -- Tannewitz bandsaws and disc sanders, Gluco injection molding machines, Tagliabue veneer sanders, and Ramco wide belt sanders.
 Tech Mark, Inc. -- Rojek traditional woodworking machinery: multipurpose machines, sliding table saws, tilting shapers, planers, jointers, slot mortisers. Morso, Nicoletti, PAOMac, and Taurus industrial machines for architectural and picture framing manufacturing.
 Tecnomec S.r.l. -- Tecnomec S.r.l., tools for wood, born in 1979 like support company to the multiple industries of the famous 'Triangle of the chair '; it produces cutters, tips, heads in quality HS - HW, diamond.
 tecnostampi italiana s.r.l. -- Italy. Molds for wood, plywood, paste, and MDF.
 The Oakley Company, Inc. -- Sanding and polishing machinery for the wood and metal finishing industries. Edge sanders, stroke sanders, horizontal sanders, vertical sanders, stroke rubbing machines.
 Thermwood -- Line of industrial CNC routers.
 TigerStop Automated Stop Machine -- An automated system that upgrades your exisiting equipment by creating precise and easily reproducable cut lists for quick, flawless production.
 Timesavers, Inc. -- Wide-belt abrasive finishing systems.
 Topmaster/KRP Manufacturing -- A single machines that shapes, grooves and applies T-molding in one single operation, in less than two minutes using only one operator.
 Tork Makine -- Turkey. Automatic edgebanders, circular saws, shapers, planers, thicknesers and profile machines. Since 1954 and exporting more that 30 countries all over the world.
 Tyler Machinery Inc. -- Designer, manufacturer, and marketer of woodworking and metalworking machinery.
 Voorwood -- Foil finishers, profile shaper/sanders, profile laminators, and slitter/rewinders.
 Wadkin -- UK. Manufacturers of woodworking machinery including moulders, CNC routers, toolroom equipment, and classical machines.
 Weaver Sales -- Designs and manufactures solid wood panel and door wood shaping equipment for custom kitchen cabinetry and other architectural applications.
 Weihai Qiquan Woodworking Machinery Group -- China. Classical woodworking machinery.
 Weinig Group -- Germany. The Weinig Group offers moulders, tooling, tool grinders, saws, and fingerjointers for industrial woodworking. Brands include: Weinig, GreCon Dimter, and Waco.
 Weinig USA -- Sales and service for moulders, knife grinding machines, and moulder knives and tooling.
 Well Lane Commerce Enterprise Co. -- Taiwan. Manual and automatic edge banders plus custom machine parts manufacturing.
 Western Cutterheads and Mattison Rotary Lathes -- Copy lathes and mass production lathes plus tooling, knives, lathe heads, and lathe knife grinders.
 Wilms GmbH Werkzeugfabrikation -- The company Wilms GmbH produce bandsaws, CV-circularsaws,TCT-saws and framesaws. We are supplier of woodworkingmachinery.
 Wood Waste Control (Engineering) Limited -- UK. Manufacturer of fine dust filter units, modular chain filters, rotary valves and manual and automatic wood-burning systems.
 Woodworking Machinery Industry Association -- Serving the North American wood products industry with the most technologically advanced woodworking systems available. Safety information, industry news, award programs, scholarships.
 WoodWrite, Ltd. -- Precision mini lathes and CNC lathes for turning pens and other small projects from rare wood.
 Wravor d.o.o. -- Poland. Manufactures ripsaws, crosscut saws, and horizontal bandmills.
 Xinyang Woodworking Machinery -- China. Complete lines of: plywood, particleboard, MDF, and OSB equipment. Complete sawmill equipment.
 Yung Li Hsing Electric Works Co. Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures selection of bench grinders, belt sanders, and band saws, all primarily for woodworking applications. Site provides photos and specifications of available models.

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