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 A-Bucket-A-Nuts-N-Bolts -- Supplier of pre-packaged industrial assortment packs of hi-tensile nuts and bolts in metric or imperial threads.
 AAA Metric Supply, Inc. -- Supplier of metric fasteners and tools including bolts, nuts, washers, rods and screws.
 Ajax Fasteners -- Australian manufacturer of steel nuts, bolts, rivets and self drilling screws. Includes distributor listing.
 ALCA Fasteners -- Supply large diameter fasteners on a national and international basis, to the construction, gas, petroleum and heavy engineering industries. United Kingdom.
 All-Ohio Threaded Rod Company -- Manufacturer of threaded rods, threaded studs, industrial bolts and stainless fasteners.
 Alvin Industrial Sales -- Manufacturer of AIS pipe and tube clamps, casters, wheels, and industrial hardware for use on building, railings, outdoor shelters and lighting grids.
 Amar Industries -- Indian manufacturer of cold forged fasteners including screws, nuts, washers, rivets in stainless steel, brass, aluminum and bronze.
 ARC Fastener Supply -- Manufacturer of bolts, nuts, screws, washers and fasteners.
 Archer Screw Products, Inc. -- Manufacturer of standard and special fasteners including bolts, nuts, lock nuts and machine screws.
 Atoviti s.r.l -- Italian manufacturer of turned nuts and bolts.
 AVK Industrial Products -- Manufactures blind installed threaded insert nuts/stud fasteners and related hand, power and automation installation equipment and tooling.
 Baden Steelbar & Bolt Corp. -- Manufacturer of various style bolts, fasteners and studs. Also offers custom machining services.
 Bollhoff Incorporated Home -- Specializes in the engineer and manufacture of specialized fastening and assembly systems.
 Bolt Depot -- On-line distributor of fasteners including screws, bolts, nuts and washers available in a variety of materials including bronze, brass, stainless, galvanized and steel.
 Boltmate Inc. -- Manufacturer of self-torquing, tamperproof structural and anchor nuts along with vibration-proof hex nuts.
 BPC Building Products Ltd. -- UK manufacturer of a range of builders' metalwork including welded joist hangers, restraint straps, nails, bolts, washers, wall ties and other fasteners.
 Brainard Rivet -- An employee owned company that manufactures small and large rivets, drilled products, knurled pins and special fasteners.
 Brass Fast -- Indian manufacturer of brass couplings, nuts, fitting, adaptors, connectors and many other fasteners.
 Breeze Industrial Products Corporation -- Manufactures a comprehensive line of stainless steel worm drive hose clamps, T-Bolt / V-Band and specialty hose clamp for the aircraft, truck, automotive, plumbing, industrial and marine markets.
 Brunner Manufacturing, Inc. -- Manufactures a variety of metal components such as bolts, pins, nuts, and screws.
 Bryce Fastener -- Manufacturer of security screws, tamper-resistant screws and tamper-proof screws, bolts and sockets.
 Cal-Fasteners -- Manufactures bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, washers and other specialty fasteners for OEMs.
 Canon Anchor Fasteners -- Indian manufacturer of fasteners, anchors and bolts.
 Carver Clamps -- Manufacture industrial clamps used for welding and metal/woodworking.
 Celus Fasteners Manufacturing -- Manufacturer of rivet nuts, blind rivets, Tiger Bolts, washers and rivet setting tools.
 Chan Chin C. Enterprise Co Ltd -- Taiwan manufacturer and exporter of self drilling small screws including self tapping types for metal roof and wall, drywall, chipboard, and furniture.
 Chandler Products -- Design and manufacture specialty fasteners in many materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper. Also offer secondary capabilities including milling, broaching, grinding and drilling.
 Chicago Rivet & Machine Company -- Manufactures rivets, hooks, studs and other specialty cold form fasteners.
 Clamp-Co Inc. -- Original manufacturer of pipe grabs and beam clamps
 Clyde Fasteners Ltd -- Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of specialized screws, bolts and nuts for various industries including construction, mining, defense and power generation.
 Collars and Couplings Inc. -- Manufacturer of split collars and clamp couplings. Available in stainless steel and aluminum with various finishes.
 Comated Edilizia S.p.A. -- Italian manufacturer of double-locking wedge clamps, self-locking spring clamps, anchor systems, couplers and other accessories for the construction market.
 Construction Fasteners, Inc. -- Supplier of engineered fasteners for the roofing and metal construction industry.
 Cool Fasteners -- Distributor of polished and un-polished stainless steel fasteners including nuts, bolts, screws and washers.
 Crescent Manufacturing, Inc. -- Manufacturer of precision fasteners and components. Products include screws, rivets, self-clinching studs and self-threading fasteners.
 D Middleton Stainless Steel Components -- Manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel components and fasteners including bolts, screws, nuts and washers.
 Da-Tor Spa -- Produce fixing nuts including self locking, standard, and custom designed. Includes drawings and size charts. Italy.
 Dalco Trading -- Belgian manufacturer of assorted high quality fasteners.
 Deck One - Stealth Decking Fasteners -- Manufacturer of Stealth hidden deck fasteners which create a no-nail deck surface that is stronger and longer lasting. Ideal for composite and wood decks.
 Dongmao Hardware Manufacture Company -- Chinese manufacturer of screws, bolts, springs, nuts, caps and specialty punching products.
 Eastern Hardware Mart -- Indian manufacturer, exporter and supplier of bolts, rods, studs, screws, nuts, rivets, washers, pins along with electrical hardware and forging products.
 EBC Industries - Erie Bolt -- Manufacturer of critical application fasteners, forging and machined parts including bolts, screws, studs and nuts.
 Emhart Fastening Teknologies -- Develop and produce technology based fastenening products for the assembly industry. Products include rivets, inserts, coils, screws and nuts.
 Engineered Parts Inc. (EPS, Inc.) -- Manufacturer of special cold formed fasteners including bolts, screws, rivets, and pins. Parts made to specifications in the industrial and automotive markets.
 F.J. Industries -- Manufactures flanges for exhaust pipes and customer specific parts.
 Federal Bolt & Nut Supply, Inc. -- Metal fastener and industrial component manufacturer and supplier.
 Federal Screw Products Inc. -- Manufacturer of bolts, nuts, screws, studs, pins, washers and other hardware.
 G-Clips Grating Fasteners Inc. -- Manufactures and markets patented G-Clips grating fasteners, which fasten metal or fiberglass bar gratings to structural members.
 General Goods Corporation -- Leading supplier and importer of blind rivets and riveting tools with a manufacturing facility in China. Can provide parts based on drawings and samples.
 Giant Long Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of fasteners in many specifications including auto/motorcycle spare parts, electronics and hardware.
 Gripnail Fastening Systems -- Manufacturer of Gripnails which are used to attach insulation to sheet metal and Metal Tacks which are used to fasten metal tags and light attachments.
 Grrreat Creations -- Manufacturer of large cap and T-handle clamps used for automobiles and woodworking. Includes on-line store.
 Hamond Industries Ltd. -- Outsource manufacturer of medium to high volume small custom stamped, formed and/or tapped metal parts.
 Hassall -- Manufacturer of custom pins, rivets and threaded fasteners for aerospace, automotive, electronic and commercial applications.
 Haydon Bolts, Inc. -- Specializes in the manufacture of anchor bolts, tie rod assemblies, U-bolts, J-bolts and eye bolts.
 Hengze Special Shaped Fastening Part Co., Ltd. -- Chinese manufacturer of blind rivet studs and nut products.
 HSW - Fabryka Elementów Zlacznych Sp. z o.o. (Fasteners Works Ltd.) -- Polish manufacturer of bolts, nuts, pins, rivets and pipe connectors for export to Western Europe.
 Impulse Mechanisms Inc -- Manufacturer of high quality precision and commercial collars, clamps, spacers, slip clutches and couplings.
 Industrias Lotu -- Navarra, Spain-based manufacturer of screws and fasteners by cold stamping. Overview of manufacturing process, industries and customers served, and company background.
 InStock Stainless Supply -- Offer a complete line of stainless steel conduit and pipe clamps, hangers, straps, conduit bodies, strut accessories and fasteners.
 Intrinsic Devices Inc. -- Produce nickel-titanium shape memory alloy products used for fastening, sealing and electrical interconnection.
 J. L. Morcio Associates, Inc -- Distributor of mechanical fasteners including screws, bolts, nuts and threaded rods.
 J.Lanfranco & Cie -- Manufacturer of nuts, fasteners and screw-cutting products . Includes online technical information data sheets.
 K-Tech Mfg., Inc -- Manufacturer of standard and specialty cold-headed fasteners including studs, bolts, wood screws and thread rolling screws.
 K.C. Metal Products, Inc -- Manufacturer of a full line of structural connectors. Products include tie straps, post hangers, anchor and clips, retrofit ties, earthquake straps and joist hangers.
 Kee Klamp -- Manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum structural pipe fittings which are used on hand rails, guard rails and other tubular structures.
 Keystone Bolt and Nut -- Full line suppliers of industrial fasteners from bolts and nuts to screws, washers, hex head caps, sockets, pins, keys, rings, and anchors.
 King Richard Canvas & Upholstery -- Supply upholstery and marine fasteners.
 King-Hughes Fasteners Corporation -- Manufacture and design specialty Hog rings used with fencing, netting, ropes, bedding and many other applications.
 Lake Erie Screw Corp. -- Manufacturer of hex cap screws, hex head flange and carriage bolts, and socket head screws .
 Lakeside Fasteners -- Wisconsin-based distributor of stainless, non-ferrous and steel fasteners including bolts, nuts, pins, rivets & rods.
 Lancaster Threaded Products, Inc. (LTP) -- Manufacturer of threaded and unthreaded rod and bar products, flat washers and nuts in many different finishes, sizes and materials.
 Larson Hardware Manufacturing Company -- Manufacturer of fasteners including hooks, bolts, screw eyes, rope hardware, staples, hangers, clips and brackets. Product available in stainless and carbon steel. On-line catalog.
 Leland-Powell Fasteners, Inc. -- Large manufacturer of tapping, thread-cutting, thread-rolling and machine screws. Also manufacture bolts, sems assemblies, wood screws, pins and rivets.
 Lockwell -- Designs and manufactures quick release pins, including single and double acting pins, two or four ball action, and spring loaded detent pins.
 Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation -- Manufacture self-locking fasteners and self-sealing fasteners. Self-locking and self-sealing fasteners handbook, a standard reference of the industry available for download.
 M.J. Vail Inc. -- Distributor for tooling components, fasteners, spring plungers, and shaft collars.
 McMahon Brothers Machine Works,Inc. -- Manufactures machine screws, standard chuck keys, ratchet wrenches and special screw machine products.
 Metric Importers of North America -- Provides information on the Fastener Quality Act, and its negative effect on importers of metric fasteners.
 Michigan Rivet Corporation -- Manufacturer of shoulder rivets, spring studs, hinge pins, weld studs, weld nuts, ball studs, bushings and worm gears.
 Mod-eez Fasteners -- Manufactures a full line of speciality fasteners designed for the assembly of furniture, cabinets and other framless structures.
 Monogram Aerospace Fasteners -- Manufacturer of specialty aerospace fasteners. Includes a listing of national and international distributors.
 Mustang Metals and Supply -- Houston-based company who produces Z-Clip metal fasteners and other fabricated products.
 National Nut and Bolt -- Specializes in the manufacture of short and medium-run custom fasteners. Available in various materials including stainless, bronze, brass and nickel alloys.
 NingBo Xintai Company -- Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of bolts, nuts, washers, high-strength structural bolting and special fasteners.
 Ohio Rod Products -- Supplies a broad range of headed and threaded fasteners ranging in length from 1/2 inch to 58 inches.
 Peek Metric Screws -- Offering a full range of screws, nuts and bolts . Custom sizes and options are also available.
 Peguet -- Manufacturer of connecting Quick-Links available in 6 shapes and 5 alloys for do-it-yourself, industry, fishing, marine, sport and decorative purposes.
 Pioneer Group Of Companies -- Manufacturer and exporter of nuts, bolts, studs and other fasteners.
 Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Co. -- Construction fastener manufacturer with in-house galvanizing line specializing in nonstandard anchor bolts and headed fasteners.
 PowrFab Brackets -- Manufacturer of stainless steel brackets, connectors and hangers for custom home building.
 Primary Fasteners Ltd -- British specialist distributor of blind fasteners, rivets, inserts and structural rivets. Full tool support and technical product services.
 Purlin Quick Connect, Inc. -- Manufacture a range of connectors and joints for steel building construction . Includes a listing of distributors and system test report.
 Rivet Direct -- Manufacturer of open and closed-end stainless steel and aluminum blind fasteners supplying distributors and OEMs.
 Rivets Plus -- On-line supplier of rivets, fasteners and placement tools.
 Rohder Machine & Tool, Inc. -- Manufacturer of standard, metric and specialty fasteners including hot forged bolts.
 Rotaloc Europe Ltd. -- European manufacturer of high quality semi-permanent and permanent bonding fasteners.
 Rotocon Assembly Clamps -- Rotocon manufactures and sells an interchangeable clamping system used primarily to place assemblies or fixtures in or on machinery using rods, tubes or pipes.
 Rumco, Inc. -- Manufacturer of cold-headed fasteners including screws and washers.
 Sabre Repetition -- Manufacturer of tube nuts, hydraulic fittings, valve components, inserts and gas meter equipment.
 Sabrefix ( UK ) Ltd. -- Supplier of structural timber engineering metalwork. Features product specifications and diagrams.
 Sanko Fastem (Thailand) -- Manufacturer of expansion concrete anchor and fastening equipment.
 Screw and Supply Inc. -- Full-line fastener distributor. Stock a full range of machine and sheet metal screws, nuts , washers, pins, and rivets.
 Self Fix Metals -- Manufacturer of cold-headed stainless steel rivets in 302 and 316 stainless steel.
 Shellbourne Manufacturing Company -- UK bolt and nut manufacturer for the oil, chemical and engineering industries.
 Sho Rivet Co. -- Manufacture semi-tubular, solid and shoulder rivets as well as standard and special rivets in a variety of finishes.
 Simmonds Marshall Ltd. -- Indian manufacturer and world-wide exporter of self-locking nuts, weld-nuts, caps and other specialty fasteners.
 Siska Inc. -- Manufacturer and distributor of eyelets, grommets, rivets, hole plugs and setting machines.
 Slidematic -- Specializes in manufacturing cold-head fasteners and stampings for OEMs. Also offer several computerized fastener management programs.
 Slip-On Lock Nut Co. -- Manufacture quick change slip-on lock nut fasteners which can be positioned anywhere on a threaded rod.
 South Texas Bolt and Fitting -- Manufactures all thread studs, double-end and tap-end studs, combination studs, industrial fasteners and specials, providing services to the oilfield and industrial markets.
 Spotnails -- Manufacturer of pneumatically driven fasteners. Includes online catalog.
 SPS Technologies -- Produces high strength fasteners, precision components, and metalworking tools for critical applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial machinery and equipment markets.
 Stalcop L.P. -- Manufacturer of cold formed copper, aluminum, and steel based connectors and fasteners and detailed plastic insert and injection molded parts.
 Staytite Limited -- United Kingdom manufacturer of nuts, screws, bolts, washers and other specialty fasteners.
 Superbolt -- Manufacturer of mechanical stud/bolt tensioners designed to replace hex nuts and bolts.
 Sussex Wire Inc. -- Manufactures wire formed custom and standard metal fasteners.
 T. Carlsson Trading -- Swedish supplier of wire thread inserts, welding studs and self clinching studs/nuts.
 Tamper Pruf Screws -- On-line distributor and manufacturer of security fasteners and tamper proof screws, hex socket and Torx tamper resistant fasteners with next day delivery.
 Tension Control Bolts Ltd -- United Kingdom manufacturer and distributor of high-strength tension control bolts and shear wrenches.
 The Meibuhr Company -- Manufacture metal external threads, split locking collars, lock nuts, and shaft collars.
 The Nutty Company, Inc. -- Online fastener supplier of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, threaded rod, stainless, metric. Over 13, 000 products available.
 The U-Bolt Connection Inc. -- Canadian bolt manufacturer specializing in custom bent fasteners such as U-bolts.
 Tong Ming Enterprise Co. Ltd. -- Chinese manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel fasteners, wire rods, threaded rods and other fastener products.
 Top Screw Metal Corp. -- Taiwanese manufacturer and marketer of fasteners, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts. Online product data sheets.
 Trevis Bolts -- French manufacturer of bolts, rods, pins, nuts, anchors and screws.
 U-C Components, Inc. -- Manufacturer of precision cleaned vented and non-vented screws, fasteners, hardware and o-rings.
 Universal Building Systems, Inc. -- Manufactures metal fasteners and accessory kits for stairs, porches and columns. Products include newel attachment kits, wall rail brackets, baluster fasteners, and rail bolts.
 USA Tolerance Rings -- Manufactures frictional, stainless steel fasteners. Commonly used to mount cylindrical parts, bearings, pulleys, and brushes in electric motors.
 Vermatic Clamps -- Manufacturer of single or multiple cushion-clamp assemblies for tube, pipe or hose.
 Vogelsang Corporatoni -- One of the world's largest producers of spring pins (rollpins - slotted and coiled), tension bushings, tubular spacers and formed metal parts for a variety of applications.
 Voss Industries Inc. -- Manufacturer of specialized band clamps, v-band couplings, flanges and ducting components.
 Weidmann -- GRP Rockbolts -- Offer an economical alternative to the conventional bolting-technology. Compared to steelbolts they are corrosion resistant, cuttable, low in weight and flexible, with a high load capacity.
 Wenlyn Screw Company -- Manufacturer of cold headed products, screws, engineered fasteners and metric fasteners.
 Western Wire Products Company -- Manufacturer of standard or custom wire fasteners including cotter pins, spring pins, S-hooks, Hog Rings, tie wires, pipe hooks, J-hooks and hanger irons.
 Woomi Industrial Co. -- Korean manufacturer of metal accessories including eyelets, washers and grommets for tarpaulins and tents.
 Yardley Products -- Manufacturer of threaded metal inserts for use on plastic, metal or wood-base materials.
 ZaGO Manufacturing Company -- Manufacture self-sealing screws and bolts for automotive, computer, food preparation and aerospace industries.
 ZipNut -- Designer and manufacturer of patented Zip fastener threaded connections.

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