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 Boilers  Heating Elements
 Water Heaters

 A & B Enterprises -- Sales and service of waste oil heater's and boilers to Wisconsin and Upper Penninsula.
 Aero Environmental Limited -- Canada's manufacturer of oil-fired heating solutions, oil burners, water heaters, indirect water heaters, air handlers, combination domestic hot water and space heaters, pool heaters, and storage tanks.
 Aerotech Herman Nelson -- Manufacturer of portable heating units. Serving the military, airlines, oil drilling contractors, petroleum, exploration, pipelines, contractors, and marine shipping industries .
 Alpha Engineering -- Design and install hot oil thermal fluid heaters in a variety of industrial applications.
 American Catalytic Technologies -- Flameless catalytic infrared gas heaters for thermoforming, paint drying, powder coating and a variety of curing applications.
 AMS Technologies -- Manufacture components and systems for thermal management. Products include AC and DC fans,temperature controllers and heat exchangers.
 Aquaheat Industries Limited -- Manufacture hot water boilers, steam generators, thermal fluid heaters, air heaters, turnkey heating systems . New Zealand ,
 Armstrong International, Inc. -- Manufacture steam, liquid and air products which include humidifiers, steam traps and heat transfer coils.
 ASW Energy Conservation -- A range of products to save costs, fuel and energy in the home, for private and commercial vehicles and businesses. Provide boilers, heat recovery systems, lighting controls, radiator panels and vehicle fuel ionizers.
 ATCT Ltd. -- Development, production, and marketing of advanced PTC electrical heating elements. Applications include use in domestic, industrial, automotive, aviation, military, and medical markets. Israel.
 Bard Manufacturing Company -- Manufacture air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces.
 Bart & Associates Inc. -- Heat Exchangers: shell & tube, brazed plate, U-tube, condensers, oil coolers, after-coolers, air-cooled, water-cooled, steam, hydraulic oil,...
 Beacon Morris -- Manufacture kickspace heaters, convectors, unit heaters, floor vectors and cabinet heaters, for both residential and commercial applications.
 BFS Industries, Inc -- Manufacturer and distributor of boiler room equipment, de-aerators, control panels and systems.
 Brugman Radiatoren B.V. -- Manufacture panel and column radiators, design radiators and products for floor heating. Includes a listing of dealers.
 Burnerparts -- Burner parts locator service, provides gas burners & blowers, heat exchangers, gas meters, combustion systems, duplex strainers, valves, actuators, industrial fans.
 Camfire Inc. -- Manufacturer of clean-air, multi-fuel portable duct heaters.
 Carlin Combustion Technology Inc. -- Manufacture burners, controls and ignitors. Includes tech tips and a listing of distributors.
 Combustion Research Corporation -- Manufacture low intensity infrared heating heating systems.Includes a listing of distributors and energy conversion calculators.
 Combustion Technologies, LLC -- Designs upgraded ignitor combustion equipment for the electric power industry to provide for smokeless boiler startup. Includes brief overviews of products .
 Consort Equipment Products -- Consort Equipment Products: Electric heating solutions, Sheetmetal fabrication, Crossflow fans.
 Contrive S.r.l. -- Burner control devices, remote I/O, alarm annunciator and message display.
 Coskunoz Radiator A.S. -- Produces panel radiators, electrical oil radiators, steel sliced radiators and towel radiators .
 Delta-Therm Corporation -- Design and manufacture electric heat transfer systems, automatic system controls, de-icing and snow melting equipment and radiant floor warming for commercial, residential and industrial applications.
 Easy Radiant Works -- Canadian made commercial grade patio heaters for the food service industry.
 Econo Heat, Inc -- Manufacture waste oil burners, heaters and chillers.
 Electro-steam Generator Corp. -- Manufacturing electric steam generators for a variety of applications.
 European Association of Air Heater Manufacturers -- Promotion and representation of the common interests of the european industry in the construction of air heaters in their dealings with all relevant authorities.
 F.J. Evans Engineering Company -- Master distributors of infrared heaters, patio heaters, unit heaters, make-up air, fans, air distribution equipment, kitchen hoods and paint booths.
 Farnam Custom Products -- Manufacture air, surface and duct heaters, process heaters, centrifugal blowers and axial fans.
 Fostoria Industries -- Design and manufacture infrared curing ovens, infrared comfort heating and industrial task lighting equipment.
 Frost Fighter -- Manufacture portable heaters . Range covers 320,000 to 450,000 BTU output.Includes a photo gallery of typical usage .
 Green Piezo -- Manufacturer of piezo electric igniter for gas burners. Located in Republic of Korea. Providing on-line catalog for complete list of products.
 Ground Heaters, Inc. -- Manufacture heating equipment for ground thawing and concrete curing. Includes job studies and how the equipment works .
 Ground Specialties Incorporated. -- Supply portable ground thawing equipment and frost removal tools for underground utility cable and communication companies. Includes product features and benefits, FAQs, pricing, and specifications.
 Hauckburner -- Company designs, builds, and markets a complete range of combustion products including blowers, and controls for heat processing equipment used in industrial thermal energy applications.
 Heat Therm -- Design and build high heat flux electric heaters for heating liquid metal at high temperature such as aluminium, zinc, and magnesium.
 Heatwagon -- Manufacturing electric and gas powered portable temporary heating and climate control equipment.
 Indeeco -- Design and manufacture of industrial electric heating and control systems. Products include duct heaters, industrial heating elements, process heaters, heat control panels and electronic controls.
 Induction Services -- An Independent supplier of parts and field service for Inductotherm VIP control panels and furnaces in the UK.
 Industrial Combustion Engineers, Inc. -- Design and manufacture industrial air heaters for process heating applications.
 Infinity Fluids Corporation -- Design, manufacture of industrial heaters and temperature controls. Products include water, mica and ceramic heaters, cast and cartridge heaters.
 Infrared Dynamics Inc -- Manufacture outdoor patio heating systems. Includes a listing of dealers.
 Ingols Sales Company -- Master distributor of infrared patio heaters.
 K. Connelly Corperation -- Steam power plant equipment.
 Kansas City Deaerator Company -- Supplier of deaerators to both the power and industrial sectors, in the United States and around the world.
 Low Energy Systems -- Selling gas, propane and electric tankless water heaters, space heaters, vent-free appliances and direct vent fireplaces.
 Mac Inc -- Manufacturers of portable industrial and commercial space and building heaters for construction sites, oil rigs, and the aviation industries.
 Marley Electric Heating -- Products range from small portable electric heaters sold through major retail chains to made-to-order industrial and commercial unit heaters and convectors sold to electrical, mechanical and industrial wholesalers.
 Master Distributors -- Distributors of generators, heaters, fireplaces, and cast iron stoves .
 Methot Controls Inc -- Supplier of heating and regulation products such as hot water or steam boilers, burners, gas regulators and meters, and safety valves.
 Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc. -- Stocking distributor of heaters, controls and accessories for industrial, commercial and residential markets.
 Northstar Flameless Ltd. -- Manufacturer of propane powered catalytic heaters. Products include portable and wall mount cargo heaters, infra-red safety heaters and recreational safety heater .
 P.C. Mckenzie Company -- Complete boiler room systems with a full stocking parts department. On-line 'live' customer service.
 Plumbing World -- Suppliers of bathroom and commercial steambath heaters, both dry and wet.
 Power Flame Incorporated -- Manufactures gas, oil, combination gas and oil, low NOx burners and combustion control systems for commercial, industrial and process applications.
 Preheat Engineering Ltd -- Manufactures Peregrine heaters and associated products. Oil sump and gear box heaters, coolant heaters, tank heaters in general and diesel fuel tank heaters .
 Rand Manufacturing -- Manufacture radiator enclosures and covers that are intended to increase heating efficiency and improve safety.
 RBI -- Manufacture industrial, commercial and domestic hot water heaters and boilers.
 Reliable Construction Heaters -- MovinCool and Pinguino portable air conditioning units, Construction Heaters, Dehumidifiers, and Electric heaters provide temporary heat and spot cooling solutions for special events.
 Rolock, Inc. -- Manufacture heat treatment equipment. Products include work carriers, and endothermic and exothermic gas generators and ammonia dissociators.
 Ruffneck Heaters -- Manufacturer of industrial explosion proof electric air heaters, heat-exchanger unit heaters, hazardous location heaters, explosion-proof thermostats and accessories.
 Rupp Industries, Inc. -- Manufacture portable, temporary heating and temporary cooling for construction sites. Includes product specifications, regional sales offices, and employment opportunities.
 S.E.S. Scandinavian Electronics AB -- Designing control systems for steam boilers.
 Schwank Infra-red Gas Heaters -- Canadian manufacturer of high-intensity luminous and low-intensity tube gas fired, infra-red heaters for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and home and cottage applications.
 Sensotherm Europanel Limited -- Trade distributor and designers of low surface temperature and specialist radiators .
 Simons Boiler Co. -- Manufacturer and distributors of electric steam boilers, ironing equipment, humidifying equipment and air compressor equipment.
 Sterling HVAC -- Produce unit heaters, high and low intensity infrared, air curtains, rooftop furnaces, evaporative cooling units, packaged HVAC rooftop and indoor units, .
 Sun-eL Corporation -- Manufacturer of hydronic radiant panel for heating and cooling systems.
 The Conrad Company -- Manufacturer of flexible heating products, heated hose, heating tapes and silicone heating blankets.
 Therma-Stor Products -- Manufacturers of heat recovery systems, heat pump water heaters, ventilation systems, and dehumidifiers .
 Thermal Energy Accumulator Products -- Design, development, and manufacture of phase change material (PCM) .
 Thermigas -- Specialists of industrial gas burners for space heating, process liquid heating as well as process air heating (drying) for food, market-gardening, surface treatment, metal finishing, chemical, plastic and paper industries.
 Thermoflux Inc. -- Design and manufacture standard and custom designed direct and indirect fired heaters for single phase heating of liquids, gases and vapors, and two phase heating for reboilers and vaporizers.
 Tioga Air Heaters -- Designs, manufactures, and rents out industrial air heaters for permanent or temporary applications.
 Vulcan Catalytic Systems, Ltd. -- Manufacture gas-fired, infrared catalytic heating systems. Includes comprehensive technical data.
 Watkins Hire Limited -- Offer heating boilers for short and long term rental contracts throughout Europe. Includes product overviews, operational locations, news, and related links.
 Wellman Group -- Manufacturers of boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers, chemical processors, air purifiers, hydrogen purifiers, condensers and pressure vessels. Designed manufactured, installed and maintained worldwide
 Westwood Products -- Manufacturer of ignitors and flame rods for oil and gas burners, ignition and transformer terminals, ignition wire and cable, oil filters, motor couplings, and gauge glass.

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