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 Ace Coating Co. Inc. -- Manufacture acrylic, water-based maintenance coating systems for architectural and industrial maintenance projects. Applications include waterproofing, insulation, chemical-resistant and anti-slip.
 Adeka Ultra Seal USA -- Inserts for concrete joint water stops.
 Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc. -- Silane weatherproofing treatment materials for concrete, natural stone and other building materials. Technical product data.
 Advanced Coating Systems, Inc. -- Manufacture elastomeric roof coatings. Features product presentation videos, application and specification data, and case studies.
 Advanced Coatings Inc. -- Manufacturer and supplier of spray-applied membranes for foundation waterproofing and drainage systems. Also supply spray insulation and roof coatings.
 All-State Products Inc. -- Waterproofing, damproofing supplies and accessories. Cementitious, bituminous, sheet membrane, fluid applied membrane, and clear penetrating waterproofing.
 Alumiseal Corporation -- Manufacture reflective insulation and vapor barrier products to the general building industry, refrigerated and environmental controlled spaces.
 American Hydrotech, Inc. -- Develop, produce and distribute hot fluid-applied, rubberized asphalt for waterproofing and roofing applications. Also supply drainage composites and insulation products.
 Andek Corporation -- Manufactures and distributes coatings and sealant systems for roofs, walls, floors and industrial surfaces. Products include urethane, acrylic, epoxy, siloxane and related technologies.
 Arabian Waterproofing Industries Co. Ltd. -- Manufacture bitumen based waterproofing membranes and liquids including membranes, asphalts, emulsions, primers, sealants and compounds.
 Association of Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Contractors -- Basement waterproofing and foundation repair site offering resources, tips, and remedies for consumers and contractors on everything related to waterproofing and foundation repair problems.
 BPA GmbH -- Active waterproofing systems for concrete structures including injection hose systems, bentonite swelling tape and sealing mats, and grouting materials.
 C.I.M. Industries Inc. -- Membrane systems which form continuous elastomeric barriers to water and create a seamless asphalt-extended polyurethane membrane with tremendous strength and flexibility.
 Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc. -- Offers a line of waterproofing and moisture protection products for the architectural and general construction industry. Products include sheet membranes, polyurethane deck coatings, and hot applied rubberized asphalt.
 Chemprobe Coating Systems, L.P. -- Producer of the water-repellent and color stain products for the protection of concrete and masonry structures. Includes color chart and online catalog.
 ChemRex Inc. -- Manufactures high-performance sealants, coatings, membranes, low-e finishes, adhesives, and repair compounds.
 Compotite Corporation -- Manufacture waterproofing membranes used under tile or marble installations. Includes installation instructions and distributor locator.
 Construction Moisture Consulting, Inc. -- Providing roofing, waterproofing and moisture intrusion consulting services throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.
 Cosella-Dörken -- Manufacture products for keeping basements and foundations dry. Products include plastic membranes and drainage geotextiles. Includes installation techniques, specifications, and online brochures.
 CPI , LLC -- Distributors of polyurethane technologies, equipment and materials.
 Crossfield Products Corp -- Manufactures specialty materials for seamless epoxy and polyurethane flooring and wall coatings, waterproof deck surfacing systems, waterproof membranes and concrete repair materials.
 Drytronic Inc. -- Produces an electronic system to remove moisture from, and waterproof, at or below grade concrete structures.
 Duradek (Canada) Ltd -- Manufacture vinyl membranes for waterproofing decks and balconies. Includes color and texture guides, case histories, and specifications.
 Encap (Scotland) Ltd -- Suppliers and applicators of spray applied liquid membrane systems for the structural waterproofing, primary and secondary containment and protection marketplace.
 Endur-O-SealUSA, Inc. -- Manufacture concrete sealing, restoration, curing, and waterproofing products. Also supply deck and roof cleaning products.
 Eternabond -- Manufacture a range adhesive tape products for leak repair. Includes installation instructions and prices.
 Excellent Coatings, Inc. -- Manufacture latex modified cementitious decorative deck and epoxy mastic floor coatings, waterproof walking surfaces, and below grade and wall system waterproofing. Includes application guides and downloadable drawings.
 Floor Seal Technology Inc -- Manufactures and installs the products designed to produce a moisture and alkalinity compliant slab surface.
 Fortifiber Corporation -- Manufacture roof deck vapor retarders, vapor permeable weather-resistive barriers and window and door flashing. Includes installation guides and material data sheets.
 Gaco Western Inc. -- Manufacture coatings for waterproofing and insulation. Products include solvent-free urethanes, acrylics, silicones, neoprene, polyurea, and polyurethane foam.
 HouseGuard -- Waterproofing and insulation system drains water away from the foundation. Modified polymer asphalt membrane, protected by Dow Chemical's Styrofoam brand insulation.
 Hydro-Stop Inc. -- This system provides a low cost and permanent mechanical seal against water ingress from hydrostatic pressure.
 Industrias de Productos Asfálticos -- Manufacture a range of waterproofing products, joint fillers, adhesives, surface agents, and asphalt emulsions. Located in Spain.
 Isola As -- Manufacture a range of damp and waterproofing products. Applications include external basement walls, internal floors and walls, green roofs, and tunnels.
 Isothane Ltd -- Manufacturer of urethane waterproofing systems. Products include elastomer and membrane systems, and spray foam insulations.
 Karnak Corporation -- Manufacturer of cold-applied coatings and cements for the roofing and waterproofing industry.
 Kenseal Construction Products Corp. -- Wholesale distributor of specialty products designed to waterproof, weatherproof, protect and preserve building exteriors.
 Koch Waterproofing Solutions Inc. -- Foundation waterproofing and drainage products. Product data and homeowner resources.
 LBI Technologies Inc. -- Produces a cold spray applied monolithic membrane used in construction projects throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.
 M.K. Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. -- Manufacturer and exporter of water proofing, anti corrosive, pipe line coating products, polymer modified bitumen, and glass fibre tissue.
 Mar-Flex Systems, Inc. -- Manufacturer of waterproofing products for both below and above grade applications.
 Masonry Technology Inc. -- Manufactures products that divert moisture away from concrete and masonry construction or allow moisture to leave the cores and cavities of masonry walls.
 MEGA Industries Corp. -- Highly reflective roofing materials.
 Mer-Kote Products, Inc. -- Manufacturer of waterproofing and underlayment products .
 Multicoat Corporation -- Offers a line of waterproofing and restoration products for a range of construction applications. Includes application instructions and videos, and material data sheets.
 Okon Inc. -- Water based sealers, stains, paint additives, coatings, protection, and damproofing for concrete, brick, masonry, wood and other industrial applications.
 Pacific Polymers International, Inc. -- Polysulfide joint sealers.
 Pecora Corporation -- Offers a variety of waterproofing systems available in an extensive product line that includes urethane deck coatings, expansion and control joint systems, clear penetrating sealers and water repellents, elastomeric liquid and self-adhering sheet membranes.
 Permaquik Corporation -- Products for water proofing, roofing and the protection of concrete.
 Permasil Company Inc -- Long term protection for concrete, CMU, brick, mortar, stucco, wood and even canvas.
 Pli-dek Systems Inc -- Waterproof decking systems.
 Polycoat Products -- Manufacturer of polyurethane coatings.
 Polyguard Products -- Self adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction.
 Presray -- Seals and custom rubber fabrications. Watertight doors, barriers, and hatches.
 Protective Coatings Technology Inc -- Used as the standard coating product for block and poured concrete walls and structures, above and below grade.
 Radcrete Pacific Pty Ltd -- Australian based company specialising in advanced silicate based products for concrete construction, with a network of distributors and applicators in over 30 countries.
 Radonseal -- Radon mitigation and waterproofing concrete sealer. Do-it-yourself waterproofing and dampproofing for basements or slabs.
 Raven Lining Systems -- Provider of protective linings, coatings and grouts to the infrastructure rehabilitation and protection market and manufacturer of AquataPoxy for tanks, manholes, steel, concrete corrosion and sewers
 Ravi RV Company Ltd. -- Develop and produce modified bitumen waterproofing membranes .
 Reemay, Inc. -- Manufactures spunbonded polyester and polypropylene products designed for a variety of industrial markets.
 Royston Laboratories -- Manufacture insulating and protective mastics, coatings and tapes for pipelines, highways and bridges as well as waterproofing membranes for commercial and residential construction.
 RubberProof -- Rubber coatings and adhesives to protect roofs, mobile homes, and foundations on commercial or residential projects.
 Sani-Tred -- Liquid rubber, ultra-adhesive, waterproofing, coating and caulking products.
 SaverSystems -- Waterproofing for concrete, masonry and wood.
 Seal Master Corporation -- Consultants, designers, manufacturers of inflatable seals and custom rubber products.
 Seal-Krete, Inc. -- Manufacturer of quality sealers and speciality coatings.
 Sealflex Industries, Inc. -- Manufacturers of SealflexTM, the premier moisture control membrane for use on concrete slabs under finish flooring systems.
 Sealoflex Waterproofing Systems -- Manufacturer of products and systems for roofing, waterproofing and coating of buildings and structures.
 SGM -- Produces installation systems, and waterproofing, cleaning and sealing materials for ceramic tile or dimension stone applications.
 Shell NZ Ltd -- Flintkote is a range of bitumen-based and compatible products used for a wide variety of applications, most commonly waterproofing.
 Soprema, Inc. -- Supplying the construction, roofing, and waterproofing industries with the best materials for the building envelope.
 Sovereign Sealants -- Silicone sealants, polysulphide sealants and sealants of both low modulus and sanitary grade.
 Stellar-Mark -- Non-hazardous, odorless urethane waterproofing provide superior deck coating systems for the concrete industry.
 Stephens Plastics -- Fabrication, distribution and installation of geo membrane linings and water proofing membranes for a wide range of applications. Part of the Andrew Mitchell Group Plc . United Kingdom .
 Strong Back Corporation -- Supply pipe leak repair and strengthening products. Includes information on specifications, training, and testing.
 Swepco -- Roof coatings, aluminum coatings, paving sealers, membranes, and metal coatings manufactured to the strictest quality standards.
 Synthetic Industries -- LANDLOK erosion control products and GEOFIBERS fiber for soil reinforcement and stabilization.
 Therm-A-Shield -- Offers a ceramic elastomeric coating for homes, buildings or RVs to regulate temperature and provide cold and heat insulation. Safety sheet, usage information, order form, and contact details.
 Versatile Deck Coatings -- Manufacturer of walking deck coatings that are designed to be decorative, waterproof, flexible and low maintenance. -- Basement waterproofing products for the do-it-yourselfer and professional.
 Webac -- Manufacturer for elastomerics such as polyurethane and epoxy grouts, resins and gels designed for structural repairs, crack sealing, soil stabilization, and general waterproofing.
 Westec Barrier Technologies -- A pioneer in developing chemical and fuel resistant waterstops for the secondary containment market.
 Wet-Seal -- Manufactures products for waterproofing concrete. Site explains benefits and method of application.
 Xypex Chemical Corporation -- Developer and manufacturer of xypex crystalline technology for waterproofing and repairing concrete.
 Xypex: HD-150 -- A product for do-it-yourself basement waterprooofing. Advantages, disadvantages, and a list of dealers.

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