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 3M Architecture & Construction -- Passive and active fire protection systems. Product data sheets, company information.
 A/D Fire Protection Systems -- ISO9001 registered manufacturer of passive fire protection products including thin-film intumescent, cementitious and fibre fireproofing products. All products UL, ULC, FM and ITS certified.
 Abesco, Ltd. -- Passive fire protection systems including intumescent fire collars, air transfer grilles, and intumescent fire clamps. Product specifications available. Serves Europe, Asia and southern Africa.
 Advanced Nano Products, Inc. -- Producer of multi-function epoxy coatings for fire retardancy, corrosion control, and encapsulation. Includes product specifications and application guide.
 Albi Manufacturing -- Manufacturer of fireproofing systems for exposed structural steel, including intumescent mastics and mineral board products.
 Astroflame (Fire Seals) Ltd. -- UK manufacturer of intumescent passive fire protection products. Detailed descriptions and installation guides available.
 Barricade International -- Manufacturer of water soluble gel to protect buildings at risk from wildfire. Technical specifications available.
 BWI Distribution, Inc. -- Distributor of firestopping products, environmental remediation materials and personnel protection equipment.
 Cafco International -- Fire protection sprays and paints for the construction, hydrocarbon and tunnelling industries. Technical data sheets and company contacts. Available in Europe.
 Carbone Plus -- Designer and manufacturer of removable insulation covers and removable fire protection covers. Includes a QuickTime presentation of products.
 Clariant Flame Retardants -- Manufactures phosphorus compound additives for the production of fire protective coatings.
 Complete Fire Protection Ltd. -- Manufacturer of fire retardant and intumescent materials. Site includes diagrams and test evidence.
 Contego International -- Manufactures intumescent latex fire resistant paint for residential and commercial buildings. Includes material data safety sheets and detailed specifications.
 Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. -- Manufacturer, supplier, consultant and applicator of non-toxic, environmentally safe fire retardants.
 Donalco -- Applicator of commercial and industrial fireproofing, thermal barriers, and insulation throughout Canada.
 FireComp, Inc. -- High temperature, fire resistant insulation that can be sprayed, trowelled, casted, or hand formed. Product and company descriptions.
 FireNoMore International -- Fire and flame retardant coatings, finishes, polymers, additives and modifiers. Product descriptions, FAQs, and company address.
 FireSeal Systems, Ltd. -- Offers fire retardant coatings for timber, as well as fire resistant panels and doors and fire sealants. Located in Reading, UK.
 FireTect, Inc. -- Certified applicators and manufacturers of flame retardant saturants and coatings.
 Firetherm Limited -- Manufacturer of intumescent coatings for structural steel, fire stopping and passive fire protection products. Descriptions of products and services, guidance for the on-site measurement of intumescent coatings. United Kingdom.
 Flame Control Coatings -- Supplies fire retardant and heat resistant coatings throughout Canada. Product list, UL testing information, and detailed specifications available.
 Flame Stop, Inc -- Manufacturer of fire retardant products. A full line of intumescents, barriers, coatings and penetrants for commercial and residential use. Sold through distributors.
 Flamebusters - Flame Proofing Technologies. -- Supplies fire retardant products for fabrics as well as paint additives. Also provides application services. Located in Adelaide, South Australia.
 FlameWall Pty Ltd. -- Distributes a spray-on liquid fire retardant for outdoor use. Application information and online purchasing available. Based in Australia.
 FR Wood Network -- European consortium of manufacturers, providing research and information on FR chemicals, fire performance, durability, environmental aspects, regulations and markets.
 GPG Fire Systems AB -- Manufactures passive fire resistant systems for the sealing of cable and pipe penetrations in buildings. Distributor network throughout Europe and Asia.
 Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, LLC. -- Manufacturer of insulating ceramic house paint and insulating house paint additives to create a heat reflecting barrier.
 Interex International Limited -- Manufactures acrylic co-polymer emulsions for waterproofing, fire retardants for fabrics, steel protective intumescent coatings, and more. Located in Lancashire, UK.
 International Fire Resistant Systems, Inc. -- Manufactures a fire resistant coating for building materials. Technical and testing information as well as customer references available. Based in the US.
 Intumescent Seals of Cambridge, UK -- Manufacturer of intumescent fire and smoke seals for fire doors, fire-safety glazing, ventilation grilles and other apertures which require protection from the passage of smoke, fire and fumes. -- UK distributor of passive intumescent fire stopping products. Product and safety data.
 Isolatek International, Inc. -- Manufacturer of passive fire resistive materials for structural steel construction.
 KBS Pty Ltd -- Passive fire protection products and services in Australia and North America. Product listings and company profile.
 LAF Group -- Provides mineral based fire protection systems using vermiculite, perlite, and their derivatives. Also has contracting division. Located in Greenacre, NSW, Australia.
 Lydall, Inc. -- Manufactures non-asbestos, fire-resistant thermal and flame barrier materials for industrial applications. Product data and material specifications.
 Magma International BV -- Manufacturer of fire retardant products to protect wood, textiles, and thatched roofs. Located in the Netherlands.
 National Fireproofing Company -- Suppliers of fireproofing materials, caulks and fire retardant chemicals. Product data, specifications, glossary.
 No-Burn North America -- Manufacturer of the No-Burn line of environmentally friendly, non-toxic fire retardant and fire reactant products.
 NoFire Technologies -- Fire retardant products and system solutions for protection against high temperature, fire, and heat. Product catalogue, test and technical data, and distributor listing.
 Nosico -- Distributor of passive and active fire systems for marine and industrial use. Operates in Canada, France, and the US.
 Oregon Fire Safety, Inc. -- Distributor of fire retardants and intumescent coatings throughout the state of Oregon. Provides products and services for the protection of buildings and fabrics.
 PAG Industries -- Distributor of fire protection products including firestopping, fireproofing, fire blocking, draftstopping, smoke blocking, smoke seal and sound blocking. Company contacts.
 Preact Corporation -- Supply a non-toxic water based, intumescent coating which is capable of providing a fire retardant barrier on a variety of substrates. Includes recommended uses and specification data.
 Pro-Tec Fire Prevention -- Supplier and installer of passive fire protection systems, including intumescent coatings, strips, and extinguishers. Based in United Kingdom and Philidelphia, PA.
 ProSet Systems, Inc. -- Manufacturer of piping systems and solutions which prevent the spread of fire and smoke and reduce water damage for all building types.
 Pyrologistix, Inc -- Canadian manufacturer and distributer of fire retardants, including non-toxic, environmentally proven liquid flame retardants.
 PyroTech -- Provider of fire retardant chemicals to OEMs. Specializes in custom engineered solutions.
 Sheffield Insulations -- Distributor and supplier of insulation products, including dry lining, fire insulation and protection, thermal insulation, roof and loft insulation, and industrial lining. Offices throughout the UK.
 Star Supplies, LLP -- Sells intumescent vests, intubatts, sealants, fire and smoke curtains, and other passive fire protection products. Located in Wainscott, Kent, UK.
 STI - Specified Technologies Inc. -- Intumescent firestopping products. Technical library includes product information, system drawings, certificates of conformance and builder submittals. Firestop FAQs.
 The Cleaning and Flame Retarding Service Ltd -- Manufactures flame retardants and provides cleaning and flame retarding services for the commercial market. Located in the UK.
 Turning Star, Inc. -- Fire retardant products and application services for fabrics, papers, and wood.
 Ulva Ltd -- Manufacturers of thermal insulation and passive fire protection systems for the oil and petrochemical industries.
 Unique Fire Stop Products -- Manufacturer of split sleeve and penetrator systems for penetrating fire barriers. Uses intumescent sealants.
 Unishield, LLC -- Manufacturer of environmental, non-toxic fire proofing agents, fire retardant coatings and penetrants. Product specifications available.
 Yii Cherng International, Ltd. -- Manufacturer of latex and foam based flame retardants, fireproof paints, and insulating foams. Distributes in Taiwan and China.
 Zero International -- Manufactures integrated sealing systems for fire, smoke, acoustical, air filtration and EMI/RFI shielding technologies. Located in Bronx, NY, USA.

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