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 Advanced Cement Technologies -- Industrial minerals company with specialization in the concrete additives sector.
 Aggressive Distributing -- Provides resurfacing technology and sealers.
 Anchor Tech -- Represent an epoxy grout manufacturer.
 Anson Industries -- Provides materials for foam concrete used for geotech applications, backfills and road replacement.
 Arizona Oxides -- Offers a complete line of colored oxides for concrete applications.
 Ashford Formula -- A sealer and hardener for commercial and industrial concrete floors.
 Asian Laboratories -- Produces concrete admixtures, curing and waterproofing agents in India.
 Axim Italcementi Group -- Produces admixtures, grinding aids and other specialized chemicals.
 Berolan Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. -- The manufacturer of air-entraining additives provides information on products and their usage. From Austria.
 Beton-Chemie USA Corp. -- Supplies admixtures for concrete products.
 Boral Material Technologies -- Produces chemical admixtures, fly ash and fibers for the concrete industry.
 Buildex -- Midwestern US producer of expanded shale lightweight aggregate.
 California Lightweight Pumice Inc. -- Supplies pumice aggregates used to produce lightweight concrete building materials.
 Cemix Products Ltd -- Manufacturers and distributors for coatings and admixtures for concrete.
 CGM Incorporated -- Manufacturer and custom blender of materials for concrete construction.
 Chargar -- Manufactures and distributes products for concrete and masonry.
 Chem-Crete -- Manufactures liquid waterproofing and construction chemicals.
 ChemMasters -- A manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry.
 ChemTec International -- Manufactures and supplies a reactive silicate concrete sealer.
 Choksey Chemicals -- Product range includes sealants and waterproof coatings.
 Concrete Producers Solutions -- Supplies admixtures for both regular and lightweight concrete products. Supplies environmentally safe release agents.
 Cornerstone Coatings International Inc. -- Supplies concrete and wood sealers, acrylic coatings, steel coatings, curing agents, and paints.
 Creteseal -- Provides materials and technical service for a concrete sealer.
 CTS Cement Manufacturing -- Produces a variety of construction grade cements, mortars and grouts.
 David Ball Group Plc. -- Manufacturer of admixtures and coatings used for waterproofing, curing, and improved flow characteristics.
 Davis Colors -- Information on concrete colors, paving and structures.
 Degussa AG -- Supplies Aerosil brand of fumed silica. Includes dealer locations and product information.
 Densit -- Produces high strength concrete and grout for industrial surfaces and repair.
 Ekobet -- Sells cement, chemical admixtures for concrete.
 Evercrete International (Asia) Ltd. -- Manufacturer and distributor of concrete waterproofing products throughout the Far East.
 Floorguard -- Protective and decorative coating for concrete.
 Fly Ash -- India based distributor and exporter of fly ash. Includes details of products used in concrete.
 Forta Corporation -- Supplies fiber reinforcements for concrete and shotcrete.
 Fox Industries, Inc. -- Manufacturer of products used to construct, repair, rebuild and protect concrete structures.
 Fritz Pak -- Produces concrete admixtures in water soluble bags for use as pump primers.
 Fusion-Crete, Inc. . -- Manufacturer concrete repair and resurfacing products. Includes a detailed photo series and video of completed projects and technical data sheets .
 General Resource Technology Inc. -- Manufacturer of chemical admixtures, accelerators, plasticizers and fiber reinforcement systems for the concrete industry.
 Goodson & Associates Inc. -- Provides lightweight, flowable concrete products under the Goodcell brand. Also provides consulting engineering for applications.
 Grace Construction Products -- Manufacturer of concrete admixtures and cement additives.
 Ha-Be Baustoffprüftechnik & Co. KG -- Producer of concrete admixtures and colours. Details on products and services, including colouring according to individual needs. From Germany.
 Hydraulic Press Brick Co. -- Manufacturers of Haydite expanded shale lightweight aggregates for structural concrete and masonry applications, soil amendments, and ground covers.
 International Construction Materials -- Concrete admixture distributor.
 Ipa Systems Inc. -- Produces concrete and mortar admixtures and coatings, and waterproofing materials.
 ISG Resources -- Promotes the use of fly ash as an additive in concrete and cement products.
 Ivory Industrials (pty) Ltd -- Produces and exports epoxy and synthetic resin based protective screeds, linings, grouts and coatings.
 J P Specialties -- Manufacture of waterstops and accessories for use in concrete construction.
 Kaylan Industries -- Produces compounds for hardening, waterproofing and repairing concrete floors. Based in India.
 KnowHow Concrete Technologies -- Provides an integral waterproofing and corrosion resistant system for concrete costruction.
 Lambert Corp. -- Manufactures adhesives, hardeners, grouts, colors, and sealers for the concrete construction industry.
 Lehigh Portland Cement Co. -- Portland cement producer.
 Lytag Ltd. -- Supplies a versatile, lightweight aggregate produced from fly ash that is used in the production of low density concrete.
 Master Builders Inc. -- Manufactures chemical admixtures for concrete in the ready-mix, paving, precast masonry block and underground construction industries.
 MBT Asia Pacific -- Supplies construction products and chemicals including admixtures, flooring, grouts, sealants and protective coatings.
 Mitchell Construction Chemical -- Manufactures floor hardeners, bonding agents, admixtures and waterproofing compounds for concrete. Based in Pakistan.
 Moxie International -- Manufactures environmentally safe products.
 Norchem -- Manufacturer of silica fume, a mineral admixture.
 Nox-crete -- Concrete construction chemical solutions to concrete problems.
 Paragon Coating Services -- Manufacturer of a fire resistant material for coatings and concrete repair.
 PermaCrete -- Manufactures resurfacing products.
 Poly-Carb -- Provides sealers, adhesives and coatings for concrete.
 Polytechnisch Bedrijf -- Manufactures speciality cements, mortars, adhesives and admixtures designed for the construction industry. Based in Belgium.
 Proquicesa -- Produces construction chemical and specializes in the specific field of cement grinding aids and admixtures. Based in Spain.
 Protective Products Inc. -- Produces concrete sealers and repair products.
 R and J Construction Supply -- Distributor of concrete coating and construction products.
 Radon Loc concrete sealant -- Sealant to block radon infiltration and prevent water damage in basements.
 Ready Mixed Concrete Corporation -- Producer of construction building products.
 Renolith -- Manufacturer of concrete admixtures.
 Rockbond Special Concrete Products -- Produces materials for construction and civil engineering including admixtures, concrete coating, repair and waterproofing.
 Saint-Gobain Seva -- Produces Fibraflex amorphous metallic fibre. Includes characteristics, applications, and brochure.
 Sinak -- Manufacturer of specialty products for waterproofing and preserving concrete and masonry.
 Slagment -- A South African company that supplies extenders with cementitious properties for the construction and mining industries.
 Slydo Cement Tools Inc. -- Manufacturer of concrete finishing tools.
 Solomon Colors -- Provides inorganic iron oxide pigments for masonry and concrete industry.
 Soper-Pozz -- Supplies a silicate alumina pozzolan which adds strength to concrete and other specialist cementitious systems.
 Specco Industries, Inc. -- Manufacturer of admixtures, sealers and coatings.
 Specon -- Manufactures addmixtures for concrete and masonry construction.
 Stalite -- Aggregate for structural concrete, masonry and asphalt products.
 Super-Tek Products -- Custom formulations and manufacture adhesives, coatings, portland cement mortars and grouts.
 Tamms -- Manufactures and supplies products that restore and protect concrete and masonry structures.
 Tanveer Enterprises -- Supplies and exports fly ash for use as an additive in cement.
 The Kryton Group -- Manufactures and distributes waterproofing, colored stain sealers and water repellents for concrete.
 Tianjin Bao Ming Group Co. Ltd. -- Manufacturer and exporter of mineral and chemical additives.
 Trade Mark -- Supplier of decorative coatings, repair and renovation of exterior and interior decorative flooring, and safety rubber surfaces.
 Ultradec, Inc. -- A world-wide supplier of specialty coatings.
 V-Seal -- Manufacturer and distributor of concrete sealers, cleaners, and specialty coatings, for residential and commercial use.
 Vandex USA -- American distributor of concrete mortars and waterproofing protection products.
 Vimatec -- Supplies materials to protect concrete and mortar. Based in Greece.
 W. R. Bonsal -- Products include packaged concrete, sand and mortar mixes.
 Western Pozzolan Corp. -- Supplies volcanic ash for use as a concrete additive and absorbent. Includes product list and specifications.

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