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 Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC -- Production of polymer modified asphalt and performance graded asphalt binders, asphalt materials design and engineering laboratory testing .
 Albina Asphalt -- Suppliers of asphalt related products and services. Products include sealants, emulsions, bitumen and slurry seals. Includes online literature and technical support.
 Armor Manufacturing -- Manufactures asphalt and pavement sealants. Includes facilities for buying online and comprehensive data sheets.
 Caltex Corporation -- The asphalt business unit provides asphalt product deliveries to customers throughout the regions of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
 Cam, LLC -- Supplies and applies petroleum-based asphalt rejuvenation and dust control products to roads, gravel areas and other surfaces.
 Chemtek Inc. -- Manufacture biodegradable asphalt solvents, coatings, and release agents. Includes specifications and related regulations.
 Community Asphalt Corp -- Supply a permanent asphalt repair product. Includes placement instructions, stockpiling methods, and specification sheets.
 Craig Paving, Inc. -- Manufactures a range of asphalt mixes Also offer contracting services. Service area includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
 Darin Tech -- Manufacture and install modified asphalt products including drainage asphalt and fast setting repair products. Technical data sheets available.
 Ergon, Inc. -- Manufactures and markets asphalt, asphalt emulsions, and specialty oils as its primary products.
 Extendit Company -- Manufacture and distribute pavement maintenance products including jet fuel resistant, coal-tar pavement sealer, hot and cold crackfillers, and mastic and cold mix patches.
 Ez Street Company -- Manufacturer and supplier of cold asphalt for the pavement repair industry.
 Federal Highway Administration -- Contains a comprehensive listing of publications, standards, team contact information, and many other valuable resources for the superpave program.
 GeoCHEM, Incorporated -- Manufacture a rapid repair and restoration polymer for roads, highways, bridges, and airport runways . Includes product data sheets, employment opportunities, and related links .
 Granite Rock Company -- Supplier of asphaltic concrete, road oils, emulsions and ready mixed concrete.
 Heilman Pavement Specialties, Inc. -- Manufacture permanent stockpile asphalt materials for road maintenance operations.
 Johnson Landscaping -- Supply an all-weather modified asphaltic concrete cold patching material.
 Keanes Environmental Limited -- Supply a recycling and soil modification for road resurfacing work. Offers test report and project profiles.
 Koch Materials Company -- Manufacturer of value-added asphalt road paving materials.
 Kraton -- Manufacturer of polymers for extrusions, hot melt and applied coatings. Applications include bitumen modification , adhesives, sealants and coatings, and modification of thermoplastics.
 Lake Asphalt Of Trinidad And Tobago (1978) Limited -- Supplier of mined and processed material for the road pavement construction industry throughout many nations of the world.
 MacPave Corporation -- Manufacture a surface protectant for roads, bridges and runways to assist the elimination of reflective cracking.
 McAsphalt Industries -- Asphalt producers and pavement design consultants.
 Memorial West Contractors -- Supply a cross-linked blend of naphthenic emulsion and co-polymers to bond and seal asphalt surfaces.
 Moose Jaw Asphalt Inc. -- Refines and processes asphaltic crude oil into asphalt cement products, modified and performance graded asphalts and cutbacks . Includes product definitions and production process diagrams .
 National Asphalt Products -- Provides hot mix asphalt material, including recycle material production and natural aggregate mining.
 Neyra Industries, Inc. -- Manufacturers of pavement maintenance and recreational surfacing products. Products include asphalt sealers, crack fillers, line striping paints, and coatings for running tracks, basketball and tennis courts.
 Ooms Avenhorn Holding bv -- Manufacturers of polymer modified bituminous asphalt binders .
 P & T Products Inc -- Manufacture a line of hot melt crack and joint sealants. Includes material data safety sheets.
 Pavement Coatings, Inc. -- Manufacturer of asphalt pavement sealer and sealcoating equipment. Serving Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Alabama.
 Phoenix Asphalt Technology, LLC -- Supply a pavement dessing conditioner consisting of a blend of tar oils with a rejuvenating agent. Features an online video presentation.
 Pioneer Oil Company -- Supplier of PG asphalt binders, equipment and services to the asphalt paving industry.
 Polyphalt Inc. -- High-performance asphalt technologies and products which assist asphalt manufacturers and end users to achieve higher performing products.
 Quik Pave Products, Inc. -- Manufacture crack and joint sealing systems and other problem-solving products and materials. Includes a catalog in pdf format.
 Rayner Protective Materials -- Manufacturers of a polymer modified asphalt sealcoat. Includes information on the formation of asphaltic bitumens and its uses.
 Reed & Graham, Inc. -- Manufacture custom designed asphalt concrete mixes, asphaltic emulsions, road oils and specialty asphalt seal coating materials.
 Rhomar Industries, Inc. -- Maintenance solutions for the asphalt and de-icing industries. Products include specialty emulsifiers, asphalt release coatings and a clear encapsulant to protect against the corrosive effect of road salts.
 Rock Binders Inc. -- Manufacture sulphur extended asphalt modifiers . Features product and technical data, safety, and an asphalt history.
 Rogers Group -- Quarries producing crushed stone and hot mix asphalt for road construction.
 Sargeant Group of Companies -- Provides asphalt and bitumen products to worldwide locations using asphalt tankers, barges and ISO bulk containers.
 SBR Systems, Inc. -- Wholesale supplier of joint sealants and crack sealers. Also supply application equipment. Features full product specifications.
 Seaboard Asphalt Products Company -- Manufacturer and supplier of a emulsion and cut back bitumen tack coats for the pavement maintenance industry .
 Sealmaster Industries Inc -- Manufacture of sealmaster asphalt pavement sealers and coatings and the machinery to apply it.
 Southland Oil Company -- Producers of paving and maintenance asphalts including modified asphalt . Made from high quality domestic crudes.
 Special Asphalt Products -- Manufacture and distribute a line of asphalt maintenance products including sealcoating, crack sealers, and polymer modified sports coatings. Offers product and services overviews.
 Starseal of Florida -- Supply asphalt pavement sealants and sealcoating equipment. Includes product data and contractors usage guidelines.
 Tec Team Industries Inc -- Manufactures and markets speciality chemical products for the hot mix asphalt industry. Chemicals include asphalt release agents, slip agents, and asphalt cleaners used in asphalt paving operations.
 The Gorman Group -- Manufacturers and suppliers of aggregates , asphalt cement , asphalt emulsions, and cutback , geotextiles, high-performance patch materials and joint fillers.
 The National Paving and Contracting Co -- Manufacturers of a paving material developed to fulfill a need to rapidly, safely, and permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, and fiber optic cable slots, in all types of weather.
 TLA of America -- Suppliers of the naturally occurring Trinidad Lake Asphalt. Offers a history, current applications, and specifications.
 Ultrapave -- Provide products and services for the improvement of asphalt pavements to extend the life of highways and reduce maintenance costs. A division of Textile Rubber & Chemical Company .
 Unique Paving Materials Corporation -- Manufacturer of permanent pavement repair material for repairing asphalt or concrete pavements in any weather. Includes a distributor locator.
 Vance Bros., Inc. -- Pavement maintenance products and equipment, sport surface coatings, geotextiles and erosion control products.
 Vredestein Sealing Systems -- Design and develop sealing systems for road construction and civil engineering projects. Includes an overview of products.
 W H Keys Ltd. -- Manufacturer of bituminous compounds for the construction industry. The company can supply their own brands or make to most specifications.
 W. R. Meadows -- Concrete solutions for new construction and rehabilitation, crack and joint pavement sealants, expansion and contraction joint fillers.
 Worldwide Recycling, Ltd. -- Manufacturers and recyclers of scrap rubber materials for use in asphalt .
 Ziegler Chemical and Mineral Corporation -- Speciality asphalt producer, main product is gilsonite.

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