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 Alimonti Group of Italy -- News and information on affiliates in Brasil and Jerusalem Stone.
 Amso International S.A.S. -- Production and distribution of many types of marble and granite in blocks, tiles, slabs and cut to size works.
 Antolini Luigi & C. -- Fabricator and exporter of a large variety of marble and granite from around the world in slabs, cut to size works or tiles.
 Atlantis Group -- Specializes in the production and the marketing of granite and marble blocks coming from various Asiatic, African and South American countries.
 B.M.S.and Company -- Exporters of a variety of marble, granite and slate.
 Berica Marmi -- Offers cut stone products for countertops, fireplaces, and inlays.
 Biasi Emilio & Figli S.p.A. -- Producer and fabricator of marble and granite from around the world in blocks, slabs, cut to size and tiles.
 Campolonghi Italia -- Quarrier, fabricator and supplier of natural stone slabs, cut-to-size works and tiles.
 Carli Cav. Oreste and C. sas -- Producer of marble and granite for the building stone industry.
 Carlo Telara -- Quarrier of a white carrara marble.
 Cereser Marmi S.p.A. -- Fabricator and exporter of a variety of cut to size marble and granite from around the world.
 CIMEP srl -- Producer and fabricator of Roman Travertine since 1949. Factories and quarries located in Bagni di Tivoli, Rome.
 CMT Vatteroni Marmi & Pietre -- Quarriers of Portoro(black & gold)marble and fabricators of a variety of marble and granite in slabs, cut to size or tiles.
 Cogemar S.r.l. -- Quarrier and fabricator of italian marble and granite. Provides cut-to-size stone to projects worldwide.
 Corsi Gino -- Quarry owner and fabricator of Italian marbles, located in Pietrasanta.
 Edilmarmi -- Skilled in the processing of white and coloured marbles.
 Edilpietra s.n.c. -- Producer, fabricator and exporter of Roman Travertine.
 Ellemarmi -- Quarry owners and fabricators of Italian marbles located in the Carrara region.
 Essegimarmi - Sottilmarmo -- Specializes in the manufacturing of Italian and foreign types of marble and it is the sole producer of Breccia Pernice.
 Fontanili -- Worldwide export and technical consultation for colored marble and onyx.
 Fratelli Poggi S.p.A -- Quarrier, fabricator and exporter of Roman Travertine in blocks, slabs, cut to size or tiles. Headquarters and quarries located in Bagni di Tivoli, Rome.
 Freejack Bros -- Supplier of marble, granites, tiles, and mosaics .
 Gino Barsotti Srl -- The company focuses on the production and marketing of marble and granite slabs, in both polished and rough finishes.
 Grassi Vittorio S.r.l. -- Cutting and processing of limestone, marbles and granites.
 Henraux -- Quarrier, fabricator and exporter of Italian marbles and granites since 1821.
 Il Casone spa -- Stone working of Sandstone (Pietra Serena) and Pietra Forte Fiorentina or Colombino.
 Il Ponte s.r.l -- Manufacturer of marble products, including architectural elements, sculpture, columns, bathtubs, fireplaces, floors, and stairs.
 International Italmarmi -- Manufacture and export marble and granite .Includes a small selection of marble finish photographs.
 Italiana Graniti -- Specialized in the working of granite and marble.
 La Darsena s.r.l. -- Marble producer and fabricator specializing in the white marbles from the Carrara region.
 LE.VI.TRANS International Forwarders -- International freight forwarders dealings with producers and exporters of stone products.
 Marble Made -- Products made of marble.
 Marmi Bruno Zanet s.r.l. -- Importer and exporter of primarily granite blocks from around the world.
 Marmi Corradini -- Processing of natural stone for slabs, tiles and cut-to-size items.
 Marmi Mantico -- Fabricator and exporter of a variety of Italian marble tiles.
 Marmi Nardi S.n.c. -- Fabricator and distributor of a wide variety of marble, natural stone and travertine.Also provides antique finishes.
 Marmi S.I.C.C. -- Marble slabs, cut to size.
 Marmi Sauro Roberto & C. s.a.s. -- Fabricator and Exporter of marble tiles from Italy in a variety of sizes.
 Masselli Antonio and Figli -- Specialized in the working of marbles.
 Mazzei Ivano -- Manufacturer of ornamental marble.
 Menini S.P.A. -- Italian marble cutters and installers.
 Mondial Marmi -- Mondialmarmi 'Perlato and Perlatini' Sicilia marble mining, processing and Trading
 Olympia Marmi -- Manufacturer and supplier of many marbles and granites, in both slab and block form.
 Paulo Arata S.p.A. -- Quarrying and finishing of slate.
 Pisani Brothers S.p.A. Carrara, Italy -- Offers design,manufacturing and on site delivery.
 Porcelli Marmi -- Supplier of cut-to-size stone, mosaic, cosmati, sculpture, fireplaces, bathrooms to order.
 Porfidi International -- Supplier of porphyry cobblestones and paving stones.
 RED Graniti -- Production and sale of raw marble and granite blocks.
 Sangiorgio s.r.l. -- Quarry a natural stone called gray calabria suitable for external paving for squares, piscines, fountains and internal floors and coverings.
 Santucci Armando S.r.l. -- Fabricators and exporters of marble and granite, located in Carrara, Italy.
 Savema s.p.a. -- Fabricator and supplier of stone slabs or cut-to-size pieces for architectural projects worldwide.
 Siga S.r.l. -- Suppliers of mediterranean marble, granite and lavastone for bar and restaurant countertops, vanities, fireplaces, and custom made glazed lava stone elements including floors.
 Spirito Artistico -- Italian sculptures, mosaics and creative stone works.
 Stone Age -- Suppliers and fabricators of marble principally of the Carrara region.
 The Raffo Group -- Fabricator and exporter of a variety of marble, granite and limestone, located in Querceta .
 Ulisse Gelati and C. snc -- Marble, granite, travertine, onix-beola and stone manufacturing.
 Ziche Rag.Luigi & Figlio Srl -- Supplier of blocks and slabs of several marble types.

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