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 Acorn Hollow Bantams -- Sharing information and original articles on selecting stock, raising, feeding, and breeding waterfowl. Also raise bantam ducks in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
 Anna's Chicken Farm -- Raises White Bearded Silkie bantams and sells hatching eggs and chicks. Photo section. Stonington, Illinois.
 Bantam Roost -- Bearded d'Uccle bantam chickens in several varieties. Breeding information pertinent to any bantam breed. New York, USA.
 Bill's Poultry -- Breeders of Japanese bantams with breed information and pictures. Maryland, USA.
 Black Forest Poultry -- Breeder of many varieties and breeds of bantam chickens and ducks sells birds and eggs. Poultry information included. Based in Kentucky.
 Blue Ribbon -- Breeders of exhibition Old English Game bantams in several varieties, also bantam Cornish and Wyandottes and waterfowl. Articles by breeder, links, and pictures. Oregon, USA.
 Blue Ridge Bantams -- Old English Game bantams in Crele, Blue Brassy Back, Quail, and Brassy Back varieties with photo album. Virginia, USA.
 Bravo Bantams -- Breeder of Old English Game bantams for showing, Brown Red, Blue Red, White, and Black Breasted Red varieties. Pictures. California, USA.
 Briarpatch Farm -- Breeders and exhibitors raise several breeds and varieties of standard and bantam chickens and share information including articles, vintage articles, show and judging photos, pen-building projects. Virginia, USA.
 Catalpa Grove Farm -- Show poultry breeders and exhibitors breed, raise, and show many exhibition breeds of bantam and standard chickens, share breed photos and information, and will sell chicks and adult birds. Edgewood, IL, USA.
 Charlie Conners Bantams -- Old English Game bantams in Brown Red, Blue Red, Black, Lemon Blue, Ginger Red, and Crele varieties with photo galleries. Arkansas, USA.
 Chickenfreak 2000 -- Breeder and exhibitor of Old English Game bantams, American Game bantams, miniature Pit Games, and Old English large fowl. Mississippi, USA.
 Christian & Dobbs -- Old English Game bantam breeders specializing in Black, Crele, and Silver Duckwing varieties with a few select birds for sale in West Virginia.
 Cochin Corner -- Raise exhibition poultry in breeds and varieties of Partridge and Buff standard size Cochins, Black, Buff, and White bantam Cochins, Barred Plymouth Rock bantams, White Call Bantam Ducks, and Guinea Fowl.
 Creekside Poultry & Philately -- Fanciers promote the hobby of backyard ornamental poultry and share breed photos and information on breeds, handling hatching eggs, breeding, and housing.
 Da Barn -- Small farm hobbyists in Mississippi, USA, raise and exhibit Dutch, Japanese, d'Uccle, and d'Anvers bantam chickens and migratory waterfowl. Photos, links, poultry games and puzzles.
 Dennis and Brian's Page -- Wheaton and Silver Duckwing varieties of Old English Game bantams. Virginia, USA.
 Fort Bantam -- Vashon Island, Washington, breeder shares information on shows and photos of winners.
 Holiday Farms -- Small backyard breeders of rare and fancy poultry offer rare Exchequer Leghorns, Mottled Javas, Delawares, and fancy Silkies, Frizzles, Sultans, and Ameraucanas.
 J & T 's Old English Game Bantams -- Old English Game bantam breeder specializing in brassyback and blue brassyback, and also raising several other varieties in South Carolina.
 JND Farms -- Raise Silkie bantam chickens in blue, black, partridge, buff, splash, and white varieties. Sell hatching eggs, juveniles, and adult birds. Pennsylvania.
 Jos's Miscellany -- Describes farm in Western Washington. Many pictures of several varieties of Old English Game bantams, Cochin bantams, and d'Uccles. Chicken links page lists informational, breeder, and club sites for bantam chickens.
 Keene's Feather Farm -- Breeders of Rock bantams in Barred, White, and Columbian varieties. Standards listed for adult breeds shown. Anna, Illinois
 Longhackle Game Bantam Farm -- Raise Old English Game bantams and American Game bantams. Formerly Huggins Old English site. Arkansas, USA.
 McCutchen's Old English -- Breeder and exhibitor of White, Black, Brassy Back, and Black Breasted Red Old English Game bantams and Dark Cornish bantams in Oklahoma, USA. Includes photo gallery and links to other fanciers, clubs, and suppliers.
 Mongold's New Hampshire Bantams -- Breeder shares information and pictures.
 Rainforest Bantams -- Breeder and exhibitor shares photos of each breed of bantam chickens and ducks and standard size chickens raised on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA.
 Random Rosecombs -- Rosecomb bantam breeder and exhibitor raises many varieties. Photos of varieties, coops, horses, and other pets in California, USA.
 Raymo's Roost -- Old English Game bantam breeders raising several varieties in New York sell birds and eggs.
 Rocky Top Bantams -- Tennessee breeder raises and shows female lines in many varieties of Old English Game bantams.
 Shagbark Bantams -- Bantam chicken and duck breeder raising Belgian Bearded d'Uccles, Call Ducks, and Malaysian Seramas, the 'World's Smallest Chicken'. Belgian d'Uccle breed history and poultry health articles. Illinois, USA.
 Show Poultry Breeders List -- List of breeders by breed and by name, either with or without websites, with contact information.
 Super Chick Poultry -- Australian breeders of the Cochin, Houdan, Langshan, and Orpington breeds of chicken. Photographs of birds and price list.
 Warren Creek Bantams -- Breeder of Cuckoo variety of Old English Game bantams, Mille Fleur d'Uccles, Black Rosecombs, and Sesatapole geese shares chicken art work, show records, links, and pictures. California, USA.
 Wilkamdai Poultry -- Breeders and suppliers of rare and different breeds of chickens for both the Australian and international markets, for the poultry fancier, breeder or back yard hobbiest.

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