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 Aeration Industries International Inc. -- Makers of aerators for use in aquaculture industry and in wastewater treatment.
 Aerators Aquatics 4 Lakes and Ponds -- A service company specializing in the treatment of lakes and ponds, and supplying a wide variety of aquatic products worldwide.
 Aqua Design Amano -- Manufacturing carbon dioxide cartridges and regulators designed for aquarium use.
 Aqua Treatment -- Produce bio-augmentation products to digest organic nutrients, excess feed and fecal material from aquaculture water.
 AquaMow Inc -- Suppliers of a mechanical cutter for lake weeds. Product information and ordering.
 Automatic Filters Inc -- Manufacturer and supplier of automatic, self-cleaning water filters. Product information, pricelist, contacts.
 ClearWater Tech LLC. -- Manufacturer of mid-sized ozone generators. Based in California.
 Cloverleaf -- Manufacturers and suppliers of pond filtration systems. Product information and company profile.
 Dryden Aqua Ltd -- Manufacturer of closed recirculation systems, ceramic oxygen diffusers, aeration systems, and landfill leachate systems with application in waste water treatment in aquaculture. Detailed product information and online purchasing available.
 Fresh-flo Corporation -- Manufacturers of water aerating equipment . Includes product photographs, descriptions and specifications .
 Jim White & Associates -- Suppliers of wireless pond monitoring and control systems. Product information and contacts.
 Keeton Industries -- Suppliers of Aquaculture equipment and supplies, including pumps, aerators, biological agents and sterilizers, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Product and contact information and online ordering.
 Kill Hydrilla -- Suppliers of chemical treatment for hydrilla infestation of ponds or lakes. Product information, contacts.
 Lake and Pond Solutions LLC -- Suppliers of pond water quality maintenance products and equipment. Product information, contacts.
 Micron Agrotech (Thailand) Co Ltd. -- Suppliers of biological water treatment agents with application in aquaculture.
 NCC Supplies Limited -- Supplier of gas diffusion and aeration systems for aquaculture and fish-farming, based in the United Kingdom. Product information, contacts.
 O2Canada Water Inc. -- Manufactures diffusion systems for aquaculture, fish farming, and water purification .
 Opposing Flows Technology -- Aquaculture tank manufacturer located in Maryland, USA, promoting a patented water circulation system.
 Organica Biotech -- Manufacturer of bioproducts for water treatment in aquaculture. Product application, dose rates, contacts.
 Oxytec A/S -- Manufacturer of dissolved oxygen probes, monitoring and control systems for aquaculture. Product information, contacts.
 Ozone Solutions Inc -- Providers of ozone generators and pumps, oxygen concentrators, and oxygen sensors for improvement of water quality. Product information, company resume, contacts.
 Pentair Aquaculture S.A. -- Swiss manufacturer of pumps, valves, controls, tanks, and filters. Includes product information, list of affiliate companies and contact information.
 Point Four Systems Inc. -- Manufacture oxygen diffusers, aeration equipment and instrumentation for the aquaculture, pond farming and fish farming industry.
 Precision Marine Systems, Inc -- Manufacture filters, skimmers, CO2 systems and calcium reactors. Includes product features and benefits .
 Pure Aqua Inc -- A manufacturer of water treatment systems, including UV sterilizers and waste water treatment, based in Mission Viejo, California. Product information, and contact details.
 San Lee Electrical Industry Co Ltd -- Supplier of air pumps and air valves for aquaria and ponds. Product information and contacts.
 Soladome Aquaculture & Hydroponics -- Suppliers of a range of water quality materials and equipment, based in South Australia. Product information and contacts.
 Stoller Nursery Inc -- Suppliers of barley straw packs for maintenance of water quality in fresh water ponds, based in South Bend, Indiana, USA. Product information and installation instructions.
 Vertex Water Features -- Manufacturer of floating fountains and lake aeration systems, based at Deerfield Beach Florida, USA. Product information and contact form.
 VMG Industries Inc -- Producers of water treatment equipment and other specialised devices for aquaculture applications, based in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Illustrated product information, spawning tips, Company contacts.

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