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 Adgen Agrifood Diagnostics -- Suppliers of reagents, rapid test kits and services for the detection of plant pathogens, microorganisms and toxins.
 AgAttack -- Creates and markets products to release beneficial organisms for agriculture.
 AgBio -- Natural mycorrhiza and biocontrol products for home and garden, greenhouse, nursery, production agriculture, restoration, landscape and interior plants.
 AgSci Inc. -- Produces agricultural soil biostimulants and nematode control additives.
 Algea Seaweed Extracts -- Offers seaweed extracts for use as plant treatments, to relieve plant stress and improve crop efficiency.
 Applied Biochemists -- Chelated copper and algae control technology.
 Arizona Biological Control, Inc. -- Produces a variety of sustainable environmental alternatives for growers.
 Beneficial Bug Co. -- Suppliers of predatory mites for pest control for commercial growers and home gardeners.
 Beneficial Insect Catalog: Steinernema Carpocapsae -- Biological control systems catalog available for online purchase.
 Beneficial Insectary -- Beneficial Insectary is a producer of beneficial insects for those interested in a non chemical alternative to pest control.
 Bicontrol Nrtwork -- Bio-rational alternatives for agriculture, horticulture, commercial and residential use.
 Bio-Sea Biological Fertiliser -- New Zealand based supplier of liquid fish fertilizer, fish oil and fish meal.
 Biohumin -- Suppliers of products for natural soil improvement. Examples and advice for use included.
 Biological Control of Weeds -- Supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds.
 Bios Agriculture -- Bios Agriculture produces biological products that aid seed germination and crop growth.
 Bioscape, Inc. -- Produces of BIO-WEED, an organic pre-emergent weed suppressor and organic slow release fertilizer.
 Biotactics -- Producers of Benemite: natural enemies for management of spider-mites in greenhouses, field crops, fruit & nut trees and home gardens.
 Biovet -- Manufacturer of antibiotic feed additives and pharmaceuticals for farm animals and pets.
 BioWorks -- BioWorks develops, produces and sells biological products for the control of plant diseases in agricultural food and fiber crops, ornamental crops and turf.
 Buglogical Beneficial Insect Catalog -- Natural beneficial insects and information to control pests, and disease without using poisonous chemicals and insecticide in your organic gardening, farming and greenhouse.
 Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. -- Manufactures enzymes, microbals, flavors and enhancers for aquaculture, livestock and poultry.
 Circle One -- This company produces a full spectrum of natural and organic products for all segments of agriculture, horticulture, nursery, and turf management.
 Cooper Mill Ltd. -- Suppliers of biological and chemical control products for insect and vegetation management.
 Country Fare, LLC -- Specializing in natural, organic, and environmentally friendly fertilizers, mulches, and pest control.
 Divergence -- A biotechnology company focused on discovering environmentally safe and effective methods of nematode control.
 Eco-Grow New Zealand Limited -- Supplier of microorganisms and bacterias for use in all forms of agriculture. Offering sole import and distributorship agencies of Eco-Grow products in selected countries.
 EcoChem -- All natural feed supplements for livestock, horses. Organic fertilizers.
 Garlic Barrier -- Offers garlic extracts in water for spraying on farm crops and gardens to keep insects off plants naturally.
 Insect Parasitic Nematodes -- Biology, ecology, and retail suppliers of Steinernema carpocapsae, S. riobravis, and S. scapterisci and species of Heterorhabditis for biological control of mole crickets in turf, caterpillars such as army worm and sod webworm, and citrus weevils, and fungus gnats. The Ohio State University. Java enabled.
 Integrated BioControl Systems -- Biological control agents for control of pests in the home, garden and farm.
 Jabb of the Carolinas, Inc. -- Manufacturer of fungal biological pesticides for controlling insects in agricultural production. Also does basis research and development and field testing.
 Jegdon Hi-Tech Industries(India) -- Manufacturers of Neem based biopesticides.
 Kunafin -- Offers beneficial insects to control pests. Includes catalog, contact information, and company information. In Spanish and English.
 March Biological -- Every pest has a natural enemy, the key to successful pest control is to identify the pest and its natural enemy, releasing the Beneficial Insect early when pest levels are low and let nature take its course.
 Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps -- Suppliers of traps for mosquitos and other biting insects.
 MicroBio Group Ltd -- Supplies a range of nematodes and other biological control organisms. UK.
 Mycogen -- Biopesticide products.
 Mycotech Corporation -- Technical information about Mycotech's Beauveria bassiana based products: BotaniGard ES and 22WP for insect control in greenhouses and nurseries, and Mycotrol ES and 22WP for insect control in vegetables and outdoor crops.
 Natural Industries On-Line -- Supplies microbial inoculants which protect the root system of plants and creates a healthy growing environment within the soil. For horticulture, agriculture and turf industries.
 Naturale-Agro -- Researches, develops and markets natural agricultural products suitable for use by organic farmers and home gardeners.
 Natures Helpers -- Virginia company offers a liquid mixture of selected microbes applied to the soil, to populate the rhizopshere with beneficial microorganisms.
 New Sun Biochemistry Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of plant growth regulators.
 Pearl Valley Organix -- Makers of organic and organic based fertilizers based on chicken manure, custom mixed if required.
 Phosyn -- Specialises in crop nutrition and has 30 years international experience in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of trace element products.
 Plantin -- Produces biological fertilizers and insect controls.
 Plantsupport -- Biologicals for the agricultural and horticultural market in Europe.
 Plasma Neem -- Describes and offers pest control products made from the neem plant.
 Prophyta -- Develops, produces and markets biological products and processes and promotes these processes through its range of services. The products are primarily preparations based on living micro-organisms.
 RiceTec, Inc. -- Supplier of hybrid rice seed.
 Royal West -- Biological and organic products for agriculture. Insecticides and foliar growth stimulators. English and Spanish language versions of web site.
 Scarletts -- Provides a range of biological pest controls for growers and gardeners. UK.
 Soil Technologies -- Develops, manufactures and markets biorational pest management and plant growth-promoting products used in agricultural and horticultural crop production.
 Spalding Labs -- Offers pesticide free fly control.
 Teva Corporation -- Offers organic nitrogen fertilizers and other organic supplements.
 Top Gun Microbials -- Microbial feed supplements for cattle and other livestock.
 UAS of America -- Makers and suppliers of organic and natural fertilizers and soil conditioners, detoxifiers.

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