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 Aloha Orchid Nursery -- A Hawaiian Orchid nursery specializing in cattleya, vanda, oncidium and blooming dendrobiums.
 ANA Export Company -- A California based company offering wholesale Phalaneopsis Orchids.
 Ann Mann's Orchids -- Located near Orlando, Fl. Open by appointment to view plants, and demonstration of the beneficial effects of centrifugal force Micro-Foggers on exotic plants.
 Bintangdelapan Company -- Indonesian company specializing in phalaenopsis and oncidium Orchids.
 Biots Peru -- Peruvian and South American orchid species from a tissue culture laboratory and nursery based in Lima, Peru. Representative also available in Los Angeles, California.
 Bird Rock Tropicals -- A grower of unusual and exotic bromeliads, especially tillandsias. We also grow a large selection of orchids, both species and hybrids.
 Brazilian Orchids from Floralia -- Here you can view our current catalog, learn more about our nurseries and history, see our upcoming show schedule, and inquire about placing advance orders.
 Briggs Hill Orchids, inc. -- A wholesale and retail orchid nursery, seedling to blooming size orchids and supplies.
 Byrd's Orchids -- Seedlings, blooming plants, potting supplies.
 Camp Lot A Noise Orchids -- Orchid nursery, specializing in seed grown Orchid species, hybrids, with free Orchid cultural information and photos on the website.
 Carolina Orchids -- A Retail/Wholesale Orchid nursery, specializing in the generae Paphiopedilum and Bulbophyllum.
 Carson Barnes Orchids -- Orchids delivered nationwide overnight. Virtual flower shop. Online orchid gifts, and wild orchids.
 Carter and Holmes Orchids -- Retail and Wholesale. Wide range of orchid genera.
 Casa de las Orquideas -- Specializing in Cymbidium and Zygopetalum orchid hybrids.
 Chadwick & Son Orchids, Inc. -- Specializes in popular orchids for the home: Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum and Phalaenopsis.
 Chao Praya Orchid Nursery -- An extensive supply range of top quality flasks, mericlones, hybrids, and seedlings for cut flowers.
 Clackamas Orchids Inc. -- Tries to have a large variety of flowering orchids at any time but please call for availability.
 Cloud's Orchids -- A Canadian source for orchids, specializingin paphs, phrags, and dendrobiums.
 Coastal Gardens -- A Texas orchid production facility, specializing in divisions of hard to find 'antique' crosses.
 Countryside Orchids -- A specialized grower of species orchids. Seedlings to blooming size plants. Many rare, uncommon, hard to find varieties. Select hybrids and awarded mericlones also offered.
 Dragon Agro Products -- Wide variety of Orchids, Supplies, and other tropical plants
 Easy Orchids -- Guide to the quality and variety of orchids we grow under the Southern Hemisphere's largest orchid shadehouse.
 EFG Orchids -- Providing orchids to the hobbyist and commercial growers.
 Ellenton Growers Orchid Center -- Central Florida orchid growers providing quality orchids and supplies.
 Elmore Orchids -- Offers a variety of orchids including Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums.
 Everglades Orchids -- Warm-growing Cymbidiums and other warm-growing orchids in the Oncidium alliance by Milton A. Carpenter.
 Ezi-Gro Orchids -- An Australian nursery specializing in show bench orchids, through mail order and pot plants.
 Fantasy Orchids, Inc. -- Our greenhouse is 10,000 square feet housing about 100,000 orchid plants from seedlings to specimen plants.
 Fender's Flora, Inc. Orchids -- A Florida Orchid Nursery whose emphasis is on cattleyas and mini-cattleyas.
 Fern's Greenhouse -- Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Paphiopedlium and Vandas.
 Flora Laboratories -- An Australian Plant tissue culture laboratory cloning Orchids, Carnivorous Plants and Bromeliads. We also distribute Keikigrow plant hormone pastes, laboratory supplies & flasks of Australian & species orchids.
 Florafest Orchids Australia -- Specialises in Australian Sarcochilus and Dendrobiums. Collection includes Paphiopedilums, Miltoniopsis, Cattleyas, Zygopetalums and other species. International ordering available.
 Formosa Orchids -- Specializing in Chinese orchids.
 Great Mass International Co., Ltd. -- Supplier and exporter of sphagnum moss, compact moss, compressed moss, plugs. Trading cooperation is welcomed.
 Green Canyon Orchids -- Home of Cypripedium reginae.
 Hawaii Orchids -- Our orchids, including cattleya, phalaenopsis, and oncidium, are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. We specialize in delivering plants in bud, ready to bloom on arrival.
 Hawaiian Floral Nursery -- A wholesale orchid nursery offering orchids in plug trays, blooming-size, and budded stages. Breeders, developers, and growers of new Dendrobium, Cattleya Alliance, and Oncidium Alliance orchids since 1984.
 Heckeroth Orchids -- Specializing in miniature Cattleyas and Paphiopedilums.
 Hudson Valley Orchids -- I have grown and flowered all of the different varieties listed in this price list in my home on windowsills and under lights. The orchids contained in this list have been chosen for their ease of culture and their ability to grow and flower in the home environment.
 Huntington Beach Orchids -- Orchid price list.
 Iowa Orchids Inc. -- A list of their plants.
 J & L Orchids -- Provides species such as Pleurothallis, Masdevallias and Draculas as well as old world genera such as Dendrobium, Aerangis, Angraecum and other relatives in the Sarcanthinae.
 J & P Orchids -- J & P Orchids offers Cattleya orchids on the web. View orchids and order on-line.
 J&B Orchids -- Searching worldwide to acquire the best plants, species, select hybrids and clones.
 Jaxma Greenhouses Inc, -- Wholesale distribution and retail sale of Phalaenopsis. Also pictures of phalaenopsis orchids and cultural tips.
 Julie's Orchids -- An Idaho Orchid Nursery devoted to Cattleyas and Dendrobiums with a few species and intergenerics.
 Jumbo Orchids -- Species and hybrid catalog.
 Katz-Thompson Orchids -- A Montana nursery devoted entirely to orchids, located in Belgrade, about 10 miles west of Bozeman.
 Keiths Nursery -- The Orchid nursery is in suburban Townsville. We now own 7 quarter-acre blocks.
 Kelsey Creek Laboratories -- Offer their clients colchicine treatments of orchids to create polyploid plants, and are also involved in research and development activities related to creating novel orchids.
 Kensington Orchids -- Orchid-only greenhouse range in Maryland.
 Kilworth Orchids -- Selling Orchids.
 Kiwi Orchids New Zealand Limited -- Cymbidium orchid grower for pot flower with worldwide export capability.
 Kultana Orchids -- An Orchid nursery located near Bangkok, Thailand, with export facilities.
 Limited Edition Orchids -- Offers cymbidium orchids in limited quantities, with tips, images of awarded plants and new hybrids.
 Lonne's Nursery -- Australian Orchid Nursery with a variety of Australian Orchids for sale and delivery.
 Los Volcanes -- Suppliers of Chilean Sphagnum Moss. We supply natural orchid growing media to commercial orchid growing operations around the world.
 Mai Orchids Nursery -- Chinese nursery specializing in Phalaenopsis breeding and seedling cultivation.
 Majestic Orchids -- Check out our fabulous selection of superior Vandas, Ascocendas and Dendrobiums.
 Martin Orchids -- Limited number of Flasks of Paphiopedilium cross of (Mt.Toro x Prince Edward of York 'Monte Cristo'). Minimum number of plants per flask 20.
 Matsui Nursery Inc. -- Producer of potted Orchid plants for the wholesale and retail market. Flowering material available year round. Wholesale only.
 Miller's Tropicals -- A tropical orchid nursury,specializing in warm growing and lush healthy vandaceous species.
 Miramar Orchids -- Located in Palm Beach County. Orchid plants and supplies, including Vandas, cattleyas, species, and phalaenopsis. Also design orchid arrangements and orchid gardens.
 Mountain Orchids -- A small, rather specialized nursery in Vermont, devoted to the propagation and dissemination of the less common and rarely available species and hybrids.
 National Flowers -- Importer of orchids from Thailand.
 Oceanside Orchids -- Specializing in phalanaopesis, oncidiums, cattleyas, stem, flask, and com. pots.
 Odom's Orchids -- One of the premiere growers in the USA. Offering superior quality plants. Visit our catalog to see our selection.
 Olympia Orchids -- Produces only high quality phalaenopsis hybrid and species plants with special emphasis on multiflorals.
 Orchid Balcony -- Tropical orchids grower and exporter, specializing in orchid species and Dendrobiums. Includes links and orchid gallery.
 Orchid clones -- In vitro cultured plantlets from Costa Rica.
 Orchid Haven -- Orchid catalogue.
 Orchid Web -- Providing information and secure ordering for orchid growers. Includes bookstore, orchid FAQs, and library.
 Orchidariums -- Closed environmental chambers for growing orchids and other plants around the home or office under ideal conditions for growth and flowering.
 Orchids Asia -- The horticultural information pages on orchids of the asian region.
 Orchids International -- As one of the leading orchids supplier to the retail market, we have been providing florists with the benefit of purchasing Dendrobium and Oncidium Orchids directly from the importer.
 Orchids of La Joya -- One of Mexico's largest and finest suppliers of quality cut flowers to the international flower markets and its largest Orchid producer.
 Orchidville PTE, Ltd. -- Orchid and exotic plants centre located in Singapore. Includes pictures of orchids available. Ships worldwide.
 Ordway Orchids -- A privately owned collection of fine cattleyas and a few other genera. We are interested in obtaining excellent quality cattleyas and are willing to sell, trade, or divide selected plants in the collection.
 Orquidaria -- Specializing in Orchids of Peru. Primera página peruana especializada en orquídeas.
 Out on a Limb Orchids -- A Washington State Orchid grower specializing in mericlones and hybrids of new releases.
 Owens Orchids, LLC -- Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Miltoniopsis and others shipped to US address. Web site catalog with greenhouse sales both wholesale and retail in Pisgah Forest, NC.
 Pacific Orchid, Inc. -- Importer, exporter and grower of orchid species, mericlones and hybrids.
 Pakkret Floriculture Co., Ltd. -- Breeding House for Warmth-tolerant Cymbidium, Compact Dendrobium, Spathoglottis, Cutting-edge Amaryllis, Curcuma, Ginger Micro-rhizomes and Plant Tissue Culture Services
 Phytesia -- A Retail/Wholesale lab and nursery, specializing in hardy Orchids
 Redland Professional Orchid Growers -- Association of orchid growers in Redland, Florida.
 Siam Orchid Culture Co.,Ltd. -- Grower in Thailand specializing in Dendrobium nobile plants in a variety of sizes.
 Smile Orchid -- Orchid exporter from Thailand, including, Dendrobium, Mokara, Vanda, Cattleya, and also the tropical plants.
 SouthStar Orchids -- Wholesale grower of Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium and Oncidium.
 T. Orchids -- Wholesale orchid grower from Thailand.
 Thai Orchid Network, Co. Ltd -- Worldwide exporter of orchid plants and cut flowers.
 The Orchid Hatchery -- Seedlings, stem propogations and flask.
 The Orchid Peddler -- Vandas,Ascocendas,Phalaenopsis,Bamboo Orchid, Paphiopedilum,and Tropical Exotic plants offered.
 The Orchid Web -- A Canadian website specializing in the production of new plants through seed and tissue culture. These propagules are available internationally. Links to home flasking sites, seed and plant tissue culture sites. Flasking equipment, media and sterile plant materials also available on website.
 White Oak Orchids -- Mail order plants available for wholesale consumers.
 Wild Orchid Specialties -- Orchid specials from Hawaii.
 Wildmoor Orchids -- Hawaiian nursery emphasizing the Vandaceous group, including Vandas, Ascocendas and novelty intergeneric hybrids.
 Winterview Orchids and Supplies -- Orchids from Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, and pots made especially for them.
 Worldwide Orchids, Inc -- Orchids from Florida for the wholesale trade only
 Zen Gyo Orchids -- Orchid grower exports worldwide.

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