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 Agrifax Ltd -- International manufacturer and supplier of AGRIFAX animal feed production ingredients and animal healthcare products. Based in the UK.
 Alltech -- Site tells about the company which researched, developed and manufactures natural ingredients for use in animal, alcohol and food production.
 Azomite Inc. -- Naturally mined mineral product. Includes product and research information, testimonials, and distributors.
 Barker Trading Company -- A manufacturer's representative serving the feed and horticultural industries in the Western U.S. and Far East. Active dry yeast and feed supplements; product information.
 Caltech -- Manufacturer of Crystalyx, Horslyx and Tublyx animal feedblocks for cattle, sheep, horses and deer with minerals, vitamins, trace-elements, colostrum and copper. Supplying into a vast distributor network throughout the world. Company and product information.
 Caromic -- A natural pure ingredient used for animal feed and human consumption derived from the carob tree which is grown in the Mediterranean.
 ChemGen -- A biotechnology company specializing in developing products through the use of microbial fermentation technology. Products include the patented poultry and swine feed additives Hemicell. Company and product information, employment opportunities.
 Chemicals and Feeds Limited -- International and national traders specialising in fishmeals and other ancillary products. Based in Aylesford, Kent, England.
 Cox Veterinary Laboratory -- Manufacturer of supplements and other products for performance and health of equine athletes. Distributors worldwide.
 Crystalyx Brand Supplements -- Low moisture, crystallized blend of molasses solids, proteins, fats, vitamins and trace minerals for livestock. Research and product information.
 Diamond V Mills, Inc. -- Specializes in yeast supplements and new animal feed technology for the nutritional enhancement of cattle, horse, swine, poultry and pet foods. Information on the company, their products, and research.
 Dinatec Inc. -- Feed additives for poultry, pigs, swine, shrimp, aquaculture, cattle, and disinfectants. Product information.
 Double S Liquid Feed Services -- Manufacturer of a wide range of animal feed supplements. Product and research information.
 Easterly Nutrition Service for Livestock -- Livestock nutritional services include ration analysis, recommendations for dairy, beef, swine, poultry and equine feeding. Manufacturer of vitamin and mineral premixes and low inclusion proteins. Service in U.S. and abroad. Located in Wooster, Ohio, USA.
 Ecochem Organics -- A wide range of products; feed and pet food supplements, soil additives, pest and odor control, fungus control and water conditioner. Information on these products, and online order forms.
 Eurotec Nutrition Espaņa -- Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of additives and supplements for livestock.
 Fastrack Direct-Fed Microbials -- Fastrack direct-fed microbials feed supplements. Product and price information; you can order by email or phone.
 Feed Flavor Asia Co.,Ltd, -- Feed stuff, feed flavors, feed additives, feed supplement.
 Firewater Feeds Inc. -- A blend of electrolytes, amino acids & dextrose in a 1-Liter bottle conveniently measured and dry packaged to ensure freshness.
 Flavor Hut International -- Producer of flavors for use in a wide range of feeds and pet food. Product list and contact information. Located in St. Charles, Illinois.
 Great Lakes Blend -- Vitamin mineral supplement for horses in the Great Lakes Region, providing the NRC minimum daily requirements.
 Growell India -- Manufacturers and exporters of herbal-mineral feed additives for poultry and animals. Company profile, product and research information.
 Jaydar Manufacturing -- Manufacturers of equipment to inject liquid feed supplement into large round or square straw bales. The system is designed to reduce wasted supplement, and increases control over exactly what the animals are getting.
 Loveland Industries -- Site has company profile and contact information, they specialize in crop and animal production markets.
 MSL Alcomp -- Makers of ethyl alcohol based feed suppliments for cattle, swine, and poultry.
 Muscle Master -- Information on this feed additive/supplement that helps build muscle mass in all livestock, including show steers and show cattle, market lambs, market hogs, and horses. Online order form available. -- Site dedicated to the product, describes what it is, how it works and how it may be used. Links are provided to technical resources.
 New Generation Feeds -- Presenting the SmartLic supplement, the highly-fortified, nutritionally engineered, molasses blocks for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and horses. Online order form available.
 Nutra Blend Corp. -- Manufacturers of quality vitamin, trace mineral, and antibiotic premixes. Distributors of the micro-ingredients needed to manufacture feed in today's technical industry. Located in Neosho, MO, USA.
 Nutra-Lix Feed Supplements -- Developers of performance-proven feed supplement products for beef cattle and horses. Product information, and distributor and dealer inquiries.
 Performance Nutrition Technologies -- Formulators and manufacturers of nutritional supplements for performance animals. Product information; online order form available.
 Performance Products Inc. -- Information about host-specific bacteria products for cattle, horses and pets, order information and contact details. Texas.
 Premier Molasses -- Importer and distributor of cane and beet molasses for animal feed and industrial use. Located in Foynes, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
 Premier Nutrition Technologies -- Feed supplements such as Millennium Technologies and ByPass 2000 based on the latest scientific research. Company mission, product information, and online order form.
 Profile -- Site tells of the company which manufactures nutritional stress supplements designed for performance and show horses and show cattle, including dairy heifers and beef steers.
 Renaissance Nutrition Inc. -- Providers of livestock premix and nutritional services. Located in Roaring Spring, PA, USA.
 Roast Pro -- Includes information about roasted soybeans as an additive for rumnant livestock. Minnesota
 Rocorp Feed Additives -- Feed additives and feed ingredients, primarily for feed manufacturers, premixers, and resellers. Company profile and product information.
 Southwestern Livestock Mineral -- Custom blends of livestock mineral based on nutritional needs. The site includes an order form.
 Trouw Nutrition USA, LLC -- Site tells of the company which provides animal feed manufacturers, livestock producers and petfood manufacturers with technology-based premixes, organic minerals, specialized proteins, nutritional supplements, feed protectants and other feed ingredients.
 Turval -- Italian manufacturer of daily intestinal bioregulator for horses and race horses, probiotic for piglets and pigs, daily ruminal bioregulator for camels, and daily support for ruminals. The site includes an order form.
 Ultra-Biologics Feeds -- Product information on their beef, camel, dairy, poultry, pig, digestive aids fermentation solubles, chelated vitamins, and lactic acid products. Company located in Spain.
 Verolac -- Site tells about the company whose activity is the transformation of dairy products into useful milk powders.
 Winn, Inc. -- Manufacturer of Key*Lix, a low-moisture, molasses based big-block, vitamin and mineral supplement.
 Winners Edge -- All natural, chelated vitamin and mineral additives, custom premixes and probiotics with enzymes for pets and livestock. The site includes an order form.
 Yuh-Huel Esterprise Co.,Ltd -- Supplies aquatic feeds. Including post larval, robiotics and nutrition service.
 Zar-Min -- A manufactured sodium aluminosilicate hydrate which is being used by producers of beef and dairy cattle, boilers, commercial eggs, swine, sheep, and turkeys. Extensive product information.

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