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 Acuicola Castelo S.P.R. de R.I. -- Producer of export quality white shrimp located in Sonora, Mexico. Product information, contacts.
 Akuarium Top Fish City -- Exporter and Wholesaler of chinese goldfish, based in Perak, Malaysia
 Aquaria Pacific -- Singapore-based importer and exporter for tropical freshwater aquarium fish and aquatic plants. Products, company information, ordering methods.
 Aquascapes Philippines Co. -- Live tropical fish exporters from Phillipines. Product information and contacts.
 Asia Tropic Zone Co Ltd -- Tropical fish, coldwater fish breeder, supplier, exporter and importer, based in Thailand. Picture gallery of new exotic fish types, company info and contacts.
 BB Aquatics Sdn Bhd -- Importer and exporter of freshwater tropical fish and Koi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Company profile, product list, contacts.
 Beira Rio Aquarium -- Exporter of Brazilian tropical fish.
 Betta Bowl -- Importer of wild bettas from Thailand, based in Wisconsin USA. Product information and contacts.
 Biotope Imports Inc -- Wholesale ornamental fish and supplies, located in Montreal, Canada. Fish photo gallery, other product information, ordering and contacts.
 clcDisCus -- Tropical fish breeder and exporter in Penang, Malaysia. Company information, contacts. -- Exporter of tropical fish from Thailand. Product information, articles, links.
 Fabfish -- Marine livestock importers and wholesalers, Queensland Australia. Products and contacts.
 Fish Palace -- Indonesian breeders and exporters of various species of fish popular for aquariums, from Indonesia. Product information and contacts.
 Flower Horn Imports -- Importers of Flower Horn fish into USA. Photogallery, contacts.
 FuXiang Aquarium Pte Ltd -- Exporters of freshwater goldfish, koi, tropical fish and aquatic plants. Stock list, contacts.
 Golden Ina Inc -- Importer of live tropical marine fishes, corals, invertebrates and clams to the United States. Product information and contacts.
 Green Park Tropical FishFarm -- Exporter of live tropical fish from singapore. Product and shipping information, contacts.
 Harlequin Aquatics -- Indonesian exporter of fresh water fish, aquatic plants, marine fish and corals. Product information and photo gallery.
 Huzhimpex International Ltd -- A Chinese company supplying pellet binder to fish and shrimp feeds mills. Also exporter of raw medicines to the livestock industry for disease control and growth enhancement.
 Indo Chito International -- General Indonesian trader and exporter of organic fertilizer and marine by-products for animal feed.
 Indo Tropika -- Exporter of freshwater tropical fish and aquarium plants from Indonesia. Product photogallery, ordering, contact information.
 Jade Aquatics Export -- Exporter of tropical fish and plants from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Product photo gallery and email contact.
 Jantanee Aquarium -- Breeder & exporter of fresh water fish for aquariums, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo gallery, contacts.
 Jy Lin Trading Company Ltd -- Exporter of freshwater tropical fish from Taiwan. Photo gallery and contacts.
 KDI Aqua resources Sdn Bhd -- A Malayasian importer and exporter of tropical fish listing a large range of species and prices. Includes terms, shipping and company details.
 Kolbenschmidt International Ltd -- An ornamental live tropical fish, reptile and mammals export business located in Nigeria. Includes background of the company and contacts.
 Luo's Goldfish Farm -- Breeder and exporter of Chinese fancy goldfish, Guang Dong Province, China. Photos of product, contacts.
 Ornafish International -- Exporter of ornamental koi from Niigata Japan. Stock list, contacts.
 P & P Aquarium World Trading Co Ltd -- Importer and exporter of wholesale freshwater tropical fish from Thailand. Product information and contacts.
 Piranti Aquatica -- Indonesian exporter of ornamental fish including rare wild caught fish and aquatic plants, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Product and ordering information, and contacts.
 Pt Lovina Laras -- Exporter of fresh water ornamental fish from Indonesia. Company profile, photo gallery.
 Qualitypets Aquatics -- Exporters of live tropical fish, based in Sri Lanka. Product information, contacts.
 Seaweed Market -- Cultures and sells eucheuma, gracilaria seaweeds for processing of agar or carrageenan.
 Shanghai Guphy Ornamental Fish Farm -- Chinese exporter of Japanese Koi, Chinese goldfish and tropical fish to all over the world.
 Shanghai Wanjin Beauty Fish Farm -- Exporter of common goldfish, fancy goldfish, koi carp, from China. Photo galleries and contacts.
 Siam Goldfish International -- Thailand importer and exporter of goldfish including Ranchu, Tosakin, Oranda, Ryukin and Siam Black Lionhead varieties.
 Somchai Farm -- Breeder and exporter of goldfish from Thailand. Product information and contacts.
 South Island Aquarium Pte Ltd -- A Singapore cultivator of aquatic plants and ornamental fish exporter. Includes a catalogue in pdf format.
 Sunny Aquarium Company -- Supplier of tropical fish, marine fish, convertebrates, corals and aquatic plants. Product information and contacts.
 Suthasine Halfmoon Betta House -- Exporter and breeder of halfmoon bettas located in Thailand. Photo gallery and ordering contacts.
 Tacara -- A company located in the Malaysian town of Tawau, specializing in manufacturing, export and research of carrageenan. Includes background information on the product, processing and the business.
 Takrit Aquarium -- Breeder and exporter of tropical fish and plants, specalizing in discus fish. Located in Thailand. -- Exporter of tropical fish, from Thailand. Product list, picture gallery, contacts.
 ThaiTropical -- Thailand exporter of tropical fish including cichlid, betta, guppy and other varieties.
 Tiram -- Indonesian producer and exporter of tropical fighting fish and lou han.
 TiT Enterprise -- A private Malaysian consulting company offering professional services for the design, construction and operation of fish and shrimp farming.
 Tropic Fish Aquarium Trading -- Malaysian exporter of flowerhorn fish. Photo gallery, information on packing and export, contacts.
 Tropical Aquarium -- Indonesian aquarium fish and aquatic plants exporter. Product information, terms of sale and contacts. -- Exporter of tropical fish from Indonesia. Photo gallery, terms of trade, contacts.
 Underwater World -- Importer and wholesaler of exotic marine fish, coral and invertebrates. Located in Los Angeles, USA.
 Union Tropical Fish Farm Limited -- Tropical aquarium fish exporter based in Hong Kong, China. Catalogue, ordering and contacts, in Chinese and English.
 Vaquarium Tropical Fish -- Tropical fish exporter based in Thailand, supplying a range of freshwater tropical fish. Product details and contacts. Requires Flash.
 Warin Aquaculture -- Exporter of live tropical fish from Thailand. Product information, conditions of trade, contacts.
 Waterlife Exporters Fiji Ltd -- Tropical fish and live coral exporter from Fiji. Photo gallery, pricing and contacts.
 Wet Pets Pvt Ltd -- Exporter of marine fish, and other marine life from Sri Lanka. Catalogue of stock, photogallery, contacts.
 Yuen Fat Fisheries -- Breeder and exporter of tropical fish, from Hong Kong. Stocklist, contacts.

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