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 Alabama Forestry Association -- Dedicated to the protection and proper management of Alabama's valuable timber resources, the AFA promotes stewardship of forest resources.
 Alaska Boreal Forest Council -- Promotes responsible stewardship of Alaska's boreal forest resources and assists the community in developing and implementing a vision of sustainability for all forest-based resources.
 Algoma Forest Coalition -- Supporters of the forest management plan for the Algoma Forest.
 American Institute of Timber Construction -- Representing the glued laminated timber industry since 1952, AITC provides technical support to manufacturers and design communities.
 American Loggers Council -- Provide a unified voice on logging issues and cooperate with public, industrial and private timberland owners to further sustainable forestry practices.
 American Wood Council -- AWC's mission is to increase the use of wood by assuring the broad regulatory acceptance of wood products, developing design tools and guidelines for wood construction and influencing the development of public policies affecting the use of wood products.
 APA - The Engineered Wood Association -- Engineered wood information, especially structural wood panels.
 Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. -- AHMI promotes the advantages of hardwoods produced in the Appalachian region of the United States, and develops programs and services to help insure an adequate supply of wood resource for the purpose of helping members meet the needs of the public.
 Arkansas Wood Manufacturers Association -- Membership information and contacts for group that was created to strengthen the production and sale of wood in the state. They provide the latest information and technology, training and market data.
 BC Lumber Trade Council -- A voice for British Columbian companies involved in the Canada-United States trade of softwood lumber, supporting and seeking free trade with the United States.
 BC Wood Specialties Group -- Member-based trade association for British Columbia's value-added wood products industry.
 California Forest Products Commission -- Promotes public understanding of how a science-based approach to managing forests will protect the ecosystem and continue to supply trees for manufacturing.
 California Forests Online -- Presentation by the California Forestry Association of the scientific and legislative issues facing California's forestry professionals today.
 Canadian Institute of Forestry Central Ontario Section -- National voice for forestry professionals since 1908. Their mission is to advance the stewardship of Canada's forest resources through leadership, professional competence and public awareness.
 Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition -- Promotes the use of internationally recognized sustainable forest management certification standards in Canada for producers to continually move towards sustainable forest management, secure a sustainable supply of raw material, and to ensure marketplace acceptance of Canadian forest products.
 Canadian Wood Council -- Information on Canadian solid wood products.
 Canadian Wood Truss Association -- A national body representing metal plate connected wood truss and structural wood component manufacturers.
 Catskill Forest Association -- The mission of the CFA is to promote forest stewardship in the Catskill region by forest landowners, timber harvesters, foresters and the general public. There are also many informative articles on forest management on the website.
 Christmas Tree Growers Association of Ontario -- Offers facts and resources for growing, harvesting, and selling your farm raised christmas trees.
 Coast Forest and Lumber Association -- Regional advocate and regulatory issues manager for harvesting and lumber manufacturing companies who operate within the geographic bounds of the British Columbia Coast.
 Ecoforestry Institute Society of Canada -- Promoting a sustainable forestry economy.
 Empire State Forest Products Association -- Committed to promoting the management of New York's forests to meet society's needs for forest products today and in the future, while conserving air, water and soil quality and wildlife habitat.
 Florida Forestry Association -- Their mission is to promote the responsible and economic use of Florida's renewable forest resource by encouraging a healthy business climate and sound political policies.
 Forest Landowners of California -- Promotes and encourages science-based forest practices that enhance and ensure long-term productivity of private forest lands.
 Forest Resources Association Inc. -- The FRA promotes economical, efficient, and sustainable use, of forest resources to meet wood fiber needs through private enterprise.
 Forest Stewardship Council -- Supports environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests.
 Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association -- Promotes the interests of its members and the hardwood plywood, veneer and laminated wood flooring industries.
 Hawaii Forest Industry Association -- Dedicated to responsible forest management through an annual woodworking exhibition, Hawaii's Wood trademark, and as an advocate for planting and harvesting to creating and selling wood products.
 Hoo-Hoo International -- A fraternal society of the forest products industry based in Boston, Mass.
 Idaho Forest Products Commission -- Working to keep forest healthy, beautiful and productive. Highly graphical site contain special sections for teachers and kids.
 Intermountain Forest Industry Association -- An organization of wood products manufacturers, timberland owners and related businesses in the northern Rockies.
 International Society of Arboriculture -- Assisting tree care professionals in developing and maintaining effective plant health care programs.
 Kootenay Woodvine -- A non-profit grassroots organization of independent wood-manufacturing firms and woodworkers committed to supporting and promoting a strong value-added wood-products manufacturing sector in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia.
 Lumbermen's Association of Texas -- An organization of businessmen and women who own and/or manage lumber and building material companies in Texas, Mexico and the U.S.
 Maine Wood Products Association -- Represents Maine-based wood product companies.
 Michigan Forest Association -- A non-profit organization dedicated to educating its members and the public about the benefits of proper forest management and resource stewardship.
 Michigan Lumber & Building Materials -- Working to represent the interests and protect the rights of independent lumber dealers in Michigan.
 Midwest Special Forest Products -- Dedicated to gathering information on the products, markets, biology, research, and enjoyment of special forest products in the Midwest.
 Minnesota Forest Industries -- An association representing the state's forest products companies. MFI encourages conservation, proper forest management and industry development that fosters sound environmental stewardship, multiple use of timber lands and long-term timber supply.
 Mississippi Forestry Association -- A private non-profit organization representing a broad range of members.
 Missouri Forest Products Association -- Promotes the business of all forest related industries and encourages closer working relationships among forest products firms, forest owners, producers, and harvesters to help improve procurement, processing, research, and marketing of forest products.
 National Forest Foundation -- Created by Congress as the official non-profit partner of the USDA Forest Service. Site has a list of National Forest sites and employment opportunities.
 National Oldest Tree Register -- The register is patterned after AMERICAN FORESTS' Big Tree register, except that the criteria is age, not size.
 New York Forest Owner's Association -- Promotes stewardship of privately-owned forests for long-term multiple uses. Membership is open to everyone who shares these conservation goals.
 North American Wholesale Lumber Association -- International trade association of over 650 forest products and building material industry wholesalers, manufacturers and industry affiliated companies throughout the United States and Canada.
 North American Wholesale Lumber Association -- An international trade association of over 500 wholesalers and manufacturers in the United States and Canada.
 Northwest Forestry Association -- Represents the forest products industry on issues affecting both public and private forest lands.
 Northwest Wood Products Association -- An association of secondary wood products manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho.
 Ohio Forestry Association -- Encourages through education a unified conservation program, including the multiple use of forests, development of adequate water supplies, application of sound land management and the development of adequate wildlife and recreation values.
 Ontario Forestry Association -- A non-profit, registered charity dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of all aspects of Ontario's forests and to developing a commitment to forest conservation.
 Private Forest Landowners Association -- The PFLA was established to represent owners of private managed forests in British Columbia's forest and agricultural land reserves. The PFLA's mission is to promote responsible forestry, and promote government policy that encourages investment on private forest lands, including incentives to grow trees.
 Professional Loggers of Maine -- Promoting professional conduct among loggers, sustainable logging practices, and also lobbies for logging related issues in legislation.
 Pulp & Paperworkers Resource Council -- Supports legislation for private landowners providing incentives to keep American fiber used to run American mills, which will secure American jobs.
 Society of American Foresters -- A nonprofit organization promoting the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems to benefit society.
 Society of Wood Science and Technology -- Working to develop and maintain the unique body of knowledge distinctive to wood science and technology.
 South Island Woodlot Association -- Dedicated to working together to promote responsible small scale forestry in British Columbia.
 Southern Forest Products Association -- Working to develop, maintain and expand demand for Southern Pine lumber products.
 Southern Lumber Exporters Association -- An association of independent exporters of lumber from the Southern United States.
 Southern Pine Council -- A joint promotional effort of SFPA and SLMA to promote the wise use of Southern Pine Lumber products.
 Temperate Forest Foundation -- Non-profit organization helping people achieve sustainable living with the integration of economic, ecological and social needs.
 The Evergreen Foundation -- Works to inspire and promote community action that demonstrates the relationship between healthy communities and a sustainable natural environment.
 The Hardwood Council -- A coalition of 11 hardwood lumber and product associations providing technical information on North American hardwood applications for builders, architects, interior designers and remodelers.
 The National Association of State Foresters -- A non-profit organization that represents the directors of the state forestry agencies from all fifty states, the District of Columbia and seven U.S. territories.
 The Northern Forest Products Association -- Represents the lumber industry in British Columbia's north, which produces more softwood lumber than any other region in Canada.
 The Quebec Forest Industries Association -- Representing 21 manufacturing firms, which account for 97% of Québec's pulp and paper production.
 The University of Alberta Forest Society -- An undergraduate association of students with specific interests in forest management.
 Tree Canada Foundation -- Creating opportunities for individuals and groups with an interest in planting and caring for trees for non-commercial use.
 Truck Loggers Association -- Official organization that serves the interests of independent logging contractors in the coastal region of British Columbia.
 Washington Contract Loggers Association -- Created by loggers to communicate to the public the facts about the logging industry, as well as maintaining and building public support.
 Western Association of Salvors and Handloggers -- Working to address some long-existing problems such as wood waste between the forest industry and the log salvage sector in British Columbia.
 Western Forestry and Conservation Association -- Offering continuing education workshops and seminars for professional foresters throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Northern and British Columbia.
 Western Red Cedar Lumber Association -- A non-profit trade association representing producers of western red cedar. Participating Members have access to powerful marketing, promotional and educational programs, exclusive product standards and marketing trademarks.
 Western Wood Products Association -- A trade association representing softwood lumber manufacturers in 12 western states and Alaska.
 Western Wood Truss Association of British Columbia -- An association of manufacturers, firms, and individuals engaged in the production of metal gusset plated wood trusses.
 Wood Products Group -- A trade association providing communication, marketing, training, financial and advocacy services to Atlantic Canadian specialty and value-added wood product manufacturers.
 Wood Products Manufacturers Association -- A resource for manufacturers and wholesalers in the wood products industry
 YSC Forest Products Marketing Board -- A non-government organization for woodlot owners and forestry contractors in the York, Sunbury and Charlotte counties of New Brunswick, Canada.

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